6 Week check

Sorry I haven't blogged in 2 weeks. I realize I let 1/3 of my life pass before updating. I have been keeping a low profile.

Pink camouflage polka dots help me to keep things on the Down low. You probably want to know about training? I'm giving it my all. My life is not just fun and games. I do my tummy time everyday to work my arms, abs, and neck.

Mat work is hard work when you are only 6 weeks old. My mom says I have to start somewhere though. She says not to give up and a little bit everyday adds up to a lot. If I keep up the good efforts I'll get to do more than sit in my stroller while my Mommy splashes about.

It's developmental season. Meaning a week dedicated to each stroke. I understand this is the part of the year "the triathletes" hate.  I have been in observance for 3 weeks now and I think when  F KOB (Fly kick on back) is written on the board my Mom better not cheat and swim freestyle. I think it is the secret to getting back a strong core, that and maneuvering the stroller while running.

By the way my mom told me she once had "Buns of steel" This isn't a "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" blog. I think she is referring to her booties ability to tolerate a bike seat.  I offered her one of my diapers for extra padding. She declined saying she had the best bike shorts money could buy and it was time to harden up. Riding a bike maybe something one never forgets how to do but the bun muscles for sitting in the saddle do forget, making the booty feel a bit bruised and if you want to know the uncensored truth you can be medically clear to ride a bike long before certain dis- solvable substances otherwise known as stitches actually dissolve, apparently that can take a long, long time. To clarify, this does not leave you at risk for infection swimming after a certain period of time the skin epitheliazes.  Anyhoo, moving along. The take away is finally riding other than on Fiesta Island, inside Torrey Pines is not a bad place to start.

In case you are wondering I am well cared for when she is off riding. I'm with my Dad. You can call him Papa Bear and me Cuddly Bear. Don't worry germophobes, those are clean scrubs. We were hanging out one morning before he went to work.

You could say I am a Daddy's girl.

They say I am an easy baby. I'll take a bottle of stored milk while my Mommy tools around on her bike. I guess some babies go on hunger strikes when their Mamma's leave. I also don't give my parents any trouble about sleeping at night. I sleep all night in my very own bassinet. From what I gather, this is something to celebrate. I'm not even on a special program from a book. I just did it all by myself.

Well ,with the help of my Dad's good swaddling and my good nutrition. I am up to 12 pounds now. I'd thank my Momma for that but rumor has it my good nutrition is the ticket not just to her skinny jeans. I'm helping strengthen her bones and reducing her chance for certain kinds of cancers. We'll call it team work. What can I say? My life is great. It is fun to be me!

Today we celebrated my 6 week birthday with a 7 mile run from Fanuel park. I had to stop eat, go to the bathroom and be cuddled at the midway point. My mom told me that I am exactly like an Ironman triathlete. They eat on the go, have to stop to use the rest room. The needing to be cuddled... well my mom said that is nothing different than the support the athletes get from the crowd. She said Ironman even has a special needs stop. I am in good company.

My mom loves taking me places. Sometimes she worries she might be overstimulating me. It's a little confusing to her because there are so many different takes on how to raise a baby. I think, and I'm only 6 weeks old, so take it or leave it, that every parent just wants to do the best for their child. None are really sure what that is and every child is different. Parents tend to get behind their chosen tactic by selling it to others and sometimes bashing different approaches. It's hard for them not be insecure because they love us babies so much.

Judging from the picture I sure seem enjoy taking things in.


mtanner said...

she is darling! Hope you are having fun! love the posts from her perspective.

Grandpa N said...

Adventure is in your genes, Annika. Your dad spent a few nights out on the Pacific Crest Trail when he was 6 weeks old.