Muffin Top!

It's Annika Ruth here again. I have officially hijacked my Mom's blog. Wow what a weekend! Saturday I turned 7 weeks old and as you can see I am getting so grown up. I am very interactive now and starting to bat at my toys.

This weekend was great because my Dad took a vacation day Friday and had the weekend off.  Very importantly my Grandma Cindy had a birthday too. We celebrated my 7 week birthday and her birthday with a visit. We are best of pals. I had a lot to tell her.

She needed to fill me in on the down and dirty regarding my Dad when he was my age. We kicked my parents out onto their bikes so she could tell me the real truth about my Dad. She even showed me a school report stating my Dad needed to "pull up his socks and try harder" . If that's not enough she showed me the report his kindergarten teacher gave him. The one where she said he lacked fine motor skills especially when cutting. To think today people let him cut their bones. My mom even trusts him with her bike. I  just saw my Dad sawing off the excess headset height it. It looked great. That cut was as smooth as my rear, I mean a baby's bottom. Anyway Grandma was such good company I didnt even notice my where my mom went. Hey where did Mom go?

My parents went mountain biking together 3 days in a row! I didn't get to go but judging from these pictures it looks really fun. My Mom promised me that as soon as I am big enough to ride her bike she let me ride it. The way I grow that could be just around the corner.
There are lots of ways to get in shape post partum. Side bends, sit ups, or switchbacks and single track into Sycamore Canyon. After brief review of this video. I am guessing my Mom is attempting the later.

There are a number of concerns with postpartum cycling. Time and required child care, core strength, hoo hah strength, cardiovascular fitness, blah, blah, blah. Let's be honest. The chief concern with post partum cyclists is the attire. Bike kits are not flattering unless you are really, really skinny. I don't mean thin or fit. I mean skinny, scrawny skinny to be exact. Most post partum women worry they will look to have a MUFFIN TOP. Don't let that stop you. Muffin tops are not that bad. I know. I have one and I get compliments on it all the time!

Remember a muffin top is the best part of a muffin!

Of note my mom says her asthma has never been better. Apparently it was 90 degrees, dry and dusty where they rode and she didn't have any feelings of airway restriction. I think the muffin top helps with this, but my mom says that it's the elevation of the hormone relaxin. I still think a muffin top is necessary at least to keep from bonking. If it was just a pregnancy hormone that helped the guys on the Tour De France would all be getting pregnant. I told this to my Mom. She disagreed and said although I was very wise I wouldn't understand a  lot of things until much later in life. 

Speaking of relaxing.

My Dad went for a sunset swim while my Mom and I hung out. 

Next up my first Halloween!

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