4 Weeks Old: A day in the life

4 weeks ago I looked like this:
Impressive when 24 weeks ago I looked like this:

Now that I am 4 weeks old, I see the world a little differently.

No wonder my parents call me Baby Bright Eyes.

I am growing big and strong! Currently, I weigh 11 lbs

That's about what my mom has left to loose. High Five to that I say. She says the scale might be stuck for a while, but whatever. She has got me! We are having fun. Plus, she is starting to feel stronger and less winded while running and just in general carrying me around.

Before I was born she read a lot about raising kids. We had a heart to heart and we see eye to eye. Routine and  flexible structure are key for us. Life is too short to waste time that could be enjoyed watching a clock saying " No baby....you can't eat, sleep, play, whatever for 10 more minutes because it is not your schedule. For example, some books say the baby needs to go to bed at 6:00 p.m. or s/he will be behind in  school. Hmm, not sure either of my parents went to bed st 6:00 p.m. and I think they might have done OK academically speaking. My Mom thinks a 6:00 p.m. would be a recipe to exclude my Dad and a recipe to be up at 2:00 a.m.

My Mom is confident in the "Sniff Test."  She takes recommendations from those who pass the sniff test. There were some really great resources while we were in the hospital and a few....Meh! Not so bueno. Anyway, she really likes the lactation consultant and the pediatrician, and her obstetrician. So their advice, her gut, and of course my Dad's gut ;) is how we will roll rather than basing my rearing on a book for sale for profit on Amazon.com. Whatever works for you and your family though.

So here is a day in my life and I think it is pretty swell. We have a good routine we going. Of course I am growing and it is subject to change but we aren't inflexible. That would be dumb!. Every morning we go to the pool now. We try to get there at 7:30 but sometimes we don"t make it until 8:00 a.m. It's not realistic to expect we will always be on time with 2 people to feed and dress before 7:00 a.m. Plus, my Mom feeds me up until the last minute so I don't bonk at swim. Traffic is a culprit too, if we leave after 7:00 a.m it takes twice as long to get there. The coaches at swim are really great and they keep an eye on me while my Mom swims. They only need to let my Mom know if I am crying and she doesn't hear me. However, they go above and beyond. If they see my eyes open they push me around the pool deck. I  have a feeling this is going to help my math. I already understand base, base -5 and base + 5. I know 4 lengths is 100 yards. That the north side of the pool doesn't swim as fast as the south lanes but I refrain from passing judgement.

I sleep good at the pool and sometimes after I am still sleepy and my Mom takes me to Whole Foods or Henry's. I like that. She often buys me a treat like diaper cream or something like that. I'm pretty limited now in what I can have. When we get home I eat and they we PLAY. I like to be held so she puts me in the Moby wrap. It is snuggly. I'm teaching her how to do a lot with one hand. I think it will help her off road bike handling. My mom usually has to eat with me in the Moby wrap.  Hah, she has to be careful doing that. It would be a little embarrassing for me to be carted around with crumbs in my wrap! Spit up is one thing for a baby, hummus is another!

Eventually I usually take another nap. I usually do this while we are sitting in a comfy chair together. I try to cast a sleeping spell on whoever is with me and get them to nap with me. I am pretty successful at this game.

Later in the afternoon, we head out for an hour ish in the BOB. My mom runs but not real fast. If my Dad gets off early he pushes the BOB and we go WAY faster.

On Thursday afternoons we go to a Mom's group/ lactation class to check my growth and answer any questions my Mom has. We like the leader and the other people in the group. I think it's a fun outing.
Then I eat a bunch more times until it's bedtime. Sometimes I eat every hour. I have even eaten every 10 minutes during a grwoth spirt. It's like endurance training, only eating.

Twice,  I have slept through the night. Sometimes though, I like to get up at 3:00 -4:00 a.m. and practice making monkey noises. I hear my parents talking about the San Diego Zoo and how they can never take me there or they will be accused of smuggling me. I figure my Dad gets up at 5:00 am for work so if I get up at 3-4:00 a.m. It is a good time to play. Right? Plus, maybe if I make enough monkey sounds they will give bananna. I think I would like that.

In the evening, my Dad gives me one bottle and swaddles me up tight for sleep. If it is cold I wear a hat to bed. I like my hats.
 The layers in this picture may have been increased for photographic pleasure.


idropboys said...

awesome! cannot wait to see her this week!

Grandma Cindy said...

Do they make little granddaughters any cuter than this?

Charisa said...

Very cute - congrats!