Wine and Cheese

No matter how I try to slice it, it's been a really hard year for Tim work wise. Work , work , work, and with very little play. Play, that is tied to a beeper. The beeper may or may not have been thrown off a telecabine by the character below.

The daily breakfast bread selection at Hotel Du Lac.

We try to be positive but I've changed my tune. I used to say "You can't polish a meat ball." Now I have digressed to "You can't make chicken soup from chicken shit". That being said it was definitely time to go far, far away and have cheese to go with our w(h)ine......

The Valais region of Switzerland grows great wine. Amazing actually. It's inexpensive too. However, as I mentioned the Swiss are clever. The don't export the wine from that region. The region is to small so and they keep it all and drink it themselves.

Say cheese!



and don't forget the Swiss chocolate.

Double Yum!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Again - GREAT, fantastic pictures...and from one cheese-lover to another. Awesome :) I'm so there.

Stacy said...

Tim is SO lucky to have you to keep him sane! Keep that boy laughing until this crap called residency is over!

PS: What is your Mountain Bike's name?

Mary said...

Looks awesome! So jealous.