Apres Ski Fun

We didn't just ski. After skiing there was more fun to be had. The Swiss are very classy. While on a ski holiday one could select his or her spring wardrobe from Hermes. One could probably purchase a fur coat as well without worrying about getting paint splashed on it.

The visiting Americans didn't seem to be interested in such mature and sophisticated things.

An American girl out for a run may or may not have detoured in to the "Centre De Congresse" in search of La salle de bain. She may or may not have interrupted a gallery showing and been offered champagne when they misunderstood her French. Not sure if she was a representative of the U.P. or Southern California at the time. Instead of sipping champagne while clad in a Lycra fleece ensemble she may have taken the pace "up tempo" all the way home.

Wonder if this is what the Swiss call "cross training" ? Maybe it's their version of C90X.

There is lots of great shopping if one would rather do that than ski. If I wasn't skiing I would hang out here all day.

There he is "Bernie the St. Bernard"
The official shop dog of Grimentz Mtn.
Bernie did not disappoint me. I thought he would be cute with a side of scratchy fur and slobber . Not this Bernie. He was soft as could be, no slobber or smell.

Note that Bernie is not wearing anything around his neck to bring you in case you get stuck in an avalanche or stuck on the mountain in a squall. Bernie, is a gentle giant but he isn't going to move too fast.That's about the most movement I could get out of Bernie. That was after a kid ( not me) flopped on him.
I tried to bribe Bernie to leave the store with me. There were other dogs on the bus. It would be so normal. He was not interested in what I had to offer: A "Kashi Go Lean Crunch" bar. He probably knew how hard those bars get in the cold and didn't want to break his teeth. A Kashi bar what was I thinking....the Swiss don't eat Kashi bars. He would never fall for that. Now some Polenta with cheese, he might have budged.
Live and learn.


Cindy said...

I would definitely be interested in such sophisticated and mature activities as shopping at Hermes! At least I got to see a picture of the outside of the store. Bernie looks like quite the cuddly bear-dog!

tim said...

I think maybe you should get a ski chihuahua.