This weekend was the first day Tim had off since returning from Switzerland two weeks ago. As luck would have it we both had the WHOLE WEEKEND OFF. We were super excited for this weekend and wondered by the end of the weekend really how hard we could smash ourselves. Honestly, we really aren't in shape for a weekend off together. We wanted to go to Mammoth but the wind gusts were predicted to be up to 65 mph. I swear I rode my bike against these winds earlier this week but I doubt my training partner would be willing to exaggerate that much. Skiing would have been fun if it could have been like that though.

We weren't psyched about leaving a blue bird San Diego weekend to drive 6 hours to get blown off the mountain. Plus, we might have become a little spoiled after skiing the above ski areas. Grimentz and Crans Montana. Oh, just a public service announcement....lift tickets at Grimentz and Crans are half the price of Mammoth.

We decided to stay in San Diego for the weekend and ride ourselves silly.

After hijacking Saturday's ride I let Tim pick Sunday's poison.

He chose Noble Canyon via Indian Creek. Below is me riding the last section of Indian Creek before heading over to Noble Canyon. That was the fun easy section that made scrambling up worthwhile.

It was so fun. After tricking Tim into a few extra miles on Saturday I was on my best mountain biking behavior. Must say this was the most exciting climb up Mt. Laguna ever for me. I must say myself I did a decent job keeping up with Tim. Wait a minute, maybe not so good. I have gears and duel suspension. He has a single speed and no suspension. Shucks, I really thought I had him.

Despite my self induced total body dolor (Spanish for pain) I floated through my run. I was tickled pink because yesterday after riding tricky sections Tim was surprised. At first I pretended to be humble. I said it was because I followed his line. Then, I said I was able due to the nature of my squishy bike. Finally, Tim said (my favorite line of all times)"But you are a girl!!!!!"
Hook. Line. Sinker. He took the bait. At which point I laughed so hard the water I was sucking in through my Camelback almost came out my nose.

Good thing my husband had as much fun as I did. He might even forgive me for that other picture I posted.

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