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It got stormy and windy at Crans. They kept shutting down the lifts.. A little snow and wind weren't enough from turning the three Americans off from a day of good skiing. We asked our inn keeper if there was a place sheltered from the wind so wouldn't have to worry about the telecabine stopping.
We pointed to across the valley and inquired about it.....there was no mention of this resort on our map. We were doubtful it was any good. The inn keeper responded "Ahhh Grimentz, it is very good. You will like"The skiing is good and the town is neat.

We thought the mountain would be smaller, with slow lifts and lines.
We thought we might be entertained for 1/2 day then a bored.
I love being wrong. It was AWESOME.

The views getting there.....spectacular.

I love the little village.
We met some others who spoke English. Brits. There question of us? How did YOU find out about Grimentz? Part of me wanted to smirk and the other part of me wanted to apologize and promise not to tell anybody.

It seems like it would be equally as fun in the summer time. The wheels in Tim's head our turning.

On the last day of skiing we skied until the very end and had to take a late bus back to our hotel. It gave us time to check out the village and play with the St. Bernard.

They say you can't build a house without a foundation.

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I am really enjoy reading the wonderful accounts of your Swiss travels.