Last weekend Tim finished his rotation on spine. This was a good thing. Although he actually liked the work. Spine is backbreaking hours. No time for fun things like riding a bike, swimming, or running. (Except the week vacation, now that was fun). Anyway the end of spine was cause celeb.
This rotation comes with weekend off for the most part. I am happy about that so was Tim.
This is Tim at his happiest and healthiest.

As his wife I know this and honor this. So when Tim said "I can't ride 70 miles." I just smiled and suggested we go San Elijo and into San Marcos. We hadn't done it in such a long time. He asked if there could be a fro yo stop. I promised and smiled and off we went.

91 miles later and I honestly say...we didn't ride 70 miles.

I have to go to bed now and rest. Tomorrow is a mountain bike day and pay backs aren't so good. I might be in trouble. It's going to hurt.

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tim said...

Bait and switch!