Work and Play

I do my best to live in a manner where my life is so full of fun people wonder if I work at all! In truth I am employed. I am a registered nurse and have been for 11 years. I was a travel nurse for 3.5 years before settling in San Diego. Being a travel nurse was a most excellent adventure. Not everyday in the ICU is a pleasant one. However, you can count on me to find some humor in the darkest hours. Sometimes, I am apart of something I feel very proud of. It doesn't happen that way though. If you haven't heard by now healthcare is in a bad place.

I think working a shift in the ICU can be very comparable to Ironman. In fact, I think it was great mental preparation. Occasionally everything goes according to plan and others not so much. As a nurse I can't drop out until after hour 13. There isn't a finishers medal or a trip to Kona. I also don't get an IV. I have to find one in somebody who is nearly dead. The schwag bag is great though compared to Ironman ( does Ironman even give schwag bags anymore?) In the schwag bag is a paycheck, medical benefits, and a paid vacation. There also is great commeraderie and personal satisfaction with your efforts. Oh yeah, it doesn't take 5 weeks to recover from one shift. After being in a unit with no windows for 13 hours, I can't wait to get out on my bike. Sometimes I even get to run at work. Sprint actually (to the crash cart).

I love that my job will always be a challenge. Some of my colleagues have been nurses longer than I have been alive. They still claim to be learning something.

I graduated from college just before my 22 birthday. I was still 21 when hired for my first position. The unit I started on specialized in "End Of Life Care". 21 is probably a bit young to understand or want to understand end of life. I'm not sure it would be truthful to say working with the end of life inspired me to live life to the fullest. I think more truthfully it has compelled me to. It has been my excuse to embrace the kid in me and play hard for 11 years running. Working with death sure makes for a good excuse to put off washing the car, folding the laundry, and dusting the china cabinet . If I had a China Cabinet. There are bikes where the China cabinet would go in my house.

So how about a day of play with me?

0600 a.m. Rise and Shine. Bid good bye to husband. Coffee, cereal, sneak peak at the internet.
0645 a.m. Bike commute to swim.
0655: Actually roll from drive way
0710 Smile at the man running with the dog and toddler in the baby jogger. I see him often when I do this ride. He is like an old friend now.
0715 Crest Calle De Oro. Mist becomes drizzle.
0720 Intersect Torrey Pines in downpour. Smile. Wait for a cross walk and chat with a fellow commuter. He appears young. He is smiling and full of life. he jokes about how he miss-timed his commute. I notice his has a very expensive bike, components, and no helmet. No helmet.....
0723 Ride through campus at UCSD
0735 Late for swim. Takes longer to peel off wet biking gear than usual.
0745 Official workout begins
0850 Out of pool. Finished set. Heading for hot tub.
0851 Coach Terry gives me an extra 400 pull
0858 Done. In hot tub
0920 Attempting to dry bike gear under hair dryer
o930 Descending La Jolla shores, smiling
1000 Home. Bike dirty, very dirty.
1010-1100 Bike spa treatment performed by me.

1130 Bike master cold, wet, and dirty but bike clean. Bike master full of energy. Off for an hour run. Flat except for 6X1:00 minute hill climb repeat. Oh yeah, and the bump called Soledad between the bike path and home.

Game on: Must try to run up super steep slope 6 times and make it as far as the first time. Fun!!! I don't quite make it. Better luck next time. Run home grinning.
Notice:One Woman walking 8 dogs at one time. All dogs are beautifully groomed and behaved. I spy her slipping them kibble.

1245 Home. Must be T2. Make and eat lunch. Pack lunches for work tomorrow. Tim and I pretty much only eat homemade. Before you feel intimidated or inadequate due to our healthy diet. Note that we eat meat and drink milk from cows. We specialize in cookies and bread. Carbs!!! We also like chocolate milk. Correction, we love it.

P.S. If it makes you feel better race weight for us was so 5 lbs ago and it's all because we eat cookies. Cookies, made with butter and Ghiradelli 60% dark chocolate chips. Hear me loud and clear. Chocolate, butter, flour, and eggs.....Bad triathletes, shame!!!!

If you still feel insecure or intimidated because we make our own food. Note that I am extremely careless in the kitchen. I got the idea if I hurried in T2 I could get a ride in on my moutain bike. I managed to burn myself while emptying the pasta. The danger of carbs.

In the end the first time creation of thai noodle satay turned out very well and sufficed for two dinners. Leftovers = more free time to play.

After that it was time to collect the produce. Stacy told me about a community supported agriculture program last year. I thought it was really cool. I am not a food snob. When possible I would like my food to come from my local community Not to discriminate against Florida's oranges or anything but.... while lucky enough to live in California I would like to take advantage. Every other Wednesday I go to the pickup site near me and collect my bin of produce. It's local and organic. It's $30. I think that beats Whole Foods but you don't get to choose the produce you get. It's whatever is in season. I think it's a good deal for the money but I am not really sure. I am sure that it tastes good and is fun. Tim and I decided that food and bikes weren't where what would save money on. We'll skimp on motorized transportation and movie tickets instead. Plus, just think of all the money we save by not smoking.

Since I got my chores done it was off to Penasquitos Canyon to hone my skills. PQ is a great place to learn to mountain bike because there are wide open trail to practice popping a wheely and bunny hopping as well as some fun single tracks.

That was my day. I enjoyed it. More good times to come.


tim said...

you seize every day!

Charisa said...

I like how on bike commutes we get to know the "regulars" - sounds like your days are jam packed and lots of fun. Good you like your job too :)

Lauren said...

Thank you for admiting you eat dessert :) You workout enough to make up for it.

Do you p/u your CSA box from Garden of Eden at lululemon Carlsbad on Wednesdays, by chance? I just started getting mine there.

PS - it is a HUGELY better deal than anywhere else. Plus, eating locally is better for our systems