Things are still a little upside at our house after the storm and flood. In addition to the treadmill, we now have bikes at the bedside. I am not so sure what this says for my home decor skills. Tim however, has assured me that bikes are pack animals. They enjoy being huddled together. The treadmill is a little hard to get to but no worries. We'd rather run outside with a light in the evenings.
Tim carries a really bright light when we run in the evenings. I really appreciate it as I am really good at tripping. Tim's happy his new bike arrived (after only 10 months of waiting). He can't wait to build it up. He has bike lust and is in heaven. I wonder if I should feel threatened. Sometimes I catch him starring at the computer with a very happy look on his face. Just to be sure what Tim is up to I check the Google search bar. suspected nothing but bikes.
Last night while running, I warned Tim that Wildflower 1/2 was only 12 weeks away. (Thanks Beth for reminding me). 12 weeks is not very long. I am afraid with all the fun Tim is having building bikes and riding mountain bikes. He might forget about the road riding, running, and swimming. I am worried he might not be prepared. I know mountain biking is good cross training but I am afraid the riding has become more of a photo war between Tim and Paul. They seem to be more concerned with taking embarrassing photos of each falling into creeks and such than with heart rate zones, nutrition, and power output.

I am worried without the "embarrassing photo stops" at Wildflower Tim will in turn "suffer." He may deem triathlon "stupid"and swear off road riding completely. I really don't want to see my husband suffer so I sunk really low. I hit where him it hurt. I pulled out the girl card. I started to list the names of the gals racing. I said they were training really hard. They were mythodical and serious. I said they were going to go really fast. Faster than Tim. Faster than any boys. Not nice of me, but like I say, I didn't want to see my over worked and underfed husband suffer.

I wouldn't have thought to do it. However, the other day a couple of nameless blokes were riding Anderson Truck Trail. A girl caught them at " THE REST STOP". I want to be that girl. I bet she didn't take a rest. She asked them if they were taking the World Cup Trail. One of the boys replied "No it's too hard for us." Meanwhile the other boy choked and coughed with embarrassment. Of course the girl, was totally congenial. She explained that it was very easy. She offered to show them the line. Apparently, the boys could not accept her assistance. They chose to climb further up the mountain in search of redemption. They did manage to master the "World Cup" trail on the return trip. I don't know who this girl is, but I applaud her. In her honor the next day, you can sure bet I didn't stop at "The Rest Stop." It's a hard job motivating the men to reach their potential, but I'm a team player ;)

Turns out my not so gentle prodding of my husband was highly effective. This I know to be true, as I was soon running alone in the dark. The sacrifices I make to "nurture" and "protect" my husband.

The flood has given us a chance to clean up and get rid of some unused items. Look what Tim wanted to throw out. My Rollerblades! ( All together now... gasp!!!!!)

I know I don't use them very much, but what if I had some sort of injury? They would be great for strengthening my hips. Plus, I have all the protective gear. Maybe I could commute to yoga on them. It's only 5 miles. I'll admit it. I am over the top with that one. Descending Nautilus street on roller blades is a bit too much.

I'll stick to things that impress my husband more. Things we can enjoy together.
That was last weeks attempt at Sycamore Canyon. Not so good, but a bit of fun none the less. I spent more time cleaning my bike than riding it. Thankfully, that made my husband proud too.

I'm not sure, given all the things I love to do, if I am a little off tilt or actually very balanced?

Whatever it is, I sure am having fun.


Rachel said...

rollerblade heaven?! oh no! i have mine up in katrina's closet and can't part with them. and can't imagine going up or down anything on soledad in them. crazy.

glad to hear you are drying out. 12 weeks. st george is the same date. eeek!

tim said...

All of your girlfriends will beat me at Wildflower, and I am OK with it. Just as long as you don't film me falling in a creek.

Seth said...

You guys are doing Wildflower?!? Tim there is a mountain bike course for you to compete in.

Mike Russell said...

I love that book -- Racing Weight. It has helped me get down to racing weight about 10 weeks early.

tim said...

gotta do the manly Wildflower course - long course said...

I didn't get past reading that Wildflower was in 12 weeks. I think I might drown at this point. Thanks for the inspirational reminder to get my arse in the pool. I just keep dancing around it.
Love reading your blog, lady! You sound about as agile and accident free as myself. :)

Charisa said...

Sounds balanced to me :)

Paul said...

oh puhhleeeeze....