2010's First Weekend

I'll be honest....I tried really hard to finish out 2009 in good spirits.

Everything around me seemed to be going flat.

The Grinch stole Christmas. Tim had to work!

After all of that work he got tired and needed a break.
After the rest he wanted pie.
Julian Pie.

We had to ride there to get some pie.

The cappucino rivaled the pie.

Stacy recommends that her patients should eat Julian Pie.

She also recommends they climb 8,000 vertical feet to earn it.

After serving time in the "Kitchen" we were ready for pie.

Then we did some "Engineering "

Engineers Rd.

We all complain that the climb is sooo long and steep.
Except Stacy, she blows our cover and says it's easy.
Tim says next time she is getting pie a la mode.
The ice cream is sure to slow her up.
What a fun weekend.
Wait a minute, that was only Saturday. The weekend wasn't over.
2010 will be the year of Slaying Dragons !!!!
(with the help of my pink bikes)

What else would a "Dragon Slayer" wear?

Truth be told I purchased the shin guards after today's ride.

In slalom skiing the saying is "shin to win".

I thought of a new saying.

Eight Dollar No Holler. (That's the price of shin guards)

Soccer Guards and Volleyball knee pads from Big5 will protect me from the Dragons.

The shirt is left over from ski racing. It is a half shirt. I am currently wearing it under a jersey. However it has been suggested that I wear it solo and accessorize it with a nose ring, belly button ring, and a really cool tattoo.

Not too bad for day #3 on the bike.
The learning curve is huge. I am learning a ton.

The biggest thing I learned to day is to get your balance first. Always. I was having trouble while going super slow climbing up rocky steep sections. I figured out I needed to get totally balanced first then I could take the line of my choosing. However, if I tried to change course before I was totally balanced I would end up riding somewhere I didn't intend (like a rut or scratchy bush....hence the need for all my protective gear). If I was totally balanced I could ride my way through all sorts of things I didn't think I was capable of. Hmmm. Maybe just another way sports parallels life. Who needs therapy when there are rocks and ruts to ride over.


Stacy said...

I believe my exact words were "This isn't that bad!" Except I didn't choose to sing all the way up Engineers. Next time I sing and you ride. You'll be sure to go super fast to get away from my hideous singing!

Wise One said...

How does Sweet Thunder and Princess like sharing their spot with the new comer? There may be a pink riot coming up soon!

Anonymous said...

Slaying Dragons? Have you ever seen a dragon? Rather than getting yourself in too deep, maybe you should start small. Maybe 2010 should be the year for Exterminating Rodents or Swatting Irritating Insects. Then, if you're successful, you can work your way up to larger animals. The other problem is that dragons are now on the endangered species list so we try not to slay them anymore.

NoishFam said...

Tim's Dad has a roller ball suit just like that one!

Your really cool tattoo should be a massive dragon.

GoBigGreen said...

Ok I totally want that Good and Plenty kit. And a Twizzlers one too.
do i spy a Dartmouth T shirt on your hubby? or am i just seeing it bc I want to!
Happy new year!

Maroussia said...

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