Dragon Slaying

Whew! Who would have ever thought dragon slaying would be so tough. Maybe I should have started with rodent extermination. I heard there were a few Dragon sightings on the Anderson Truck Trail. I had to check it out. Advanced dragon slayers claim that the dragons living on this trail are very lazy and sleep most of the time. If you look at the picture you can see the big ruts. When then dragon breathes, his bad breath washes out the trails and forms ruts. He knows those ruts can grab a girls tire. He laughs when it happens. It was a very short ride in terms of miles but required every muscle fiber and brain cell for me to navigate. The dragon was swinging his tail at me and trying to push me into his ruts. He also launched some balls of fire. I had to duck deep into a rut to avoid the fireball. It was a pretty good move except I am new at dragon slaying and still learning how "not" to front load the fork. Oops. Thank goodness for my armor as I am unscathed.

Bedtime came early. 8:25 p.m.

Sunday morning we headed out early to Sycamore Canyon. Only a few dragons live there. However, there are lots of large dinosaur eggs. (Rocks on the trail). The dragons only live in the optional section of section called Martha's Grove. I rode the whole way up Martha's without stopping for the first time. There are a few sleeping dragons on the way down from Martha's. I accidentally woke one up and I got my eyebrows singed as he breathed fire on me. Dragon slaying is exciting but it's going to require a lot of patience, practice, and concentration.


Guardian Angel said...

Who would have known what adventures were in store for the little girl when she took possession of that pink bike.

tim said...

You're doing really well for just starting out! You're way better than I was! Sometimes the dragons can fight harder than you thought!

beth said...

you're making me look bad! i think you've already ridden your mountainn bike more than I have!

Are you & Tim working on Monday? James and I may hit the trails!! would be a fun double date!