I don't do New Year's resolutions. They are just not my thing. I do like to pick a key word or phrase to live by. I'm close to deciding now but I can't commit just yet. The year is young and I want to let 2010 define itself.

2008 was "Fabulous." Anytime I was going through something challenging (like planning a wedding in between two Ironman races or the 16th mile of an Ironman run) and I really needed something positive to think about I thought about my theme "Fabulous". Once or twice ;) I got tired, down, or nervous. My family and friends always set me straight. They would quote my theme and state," Just remember Jen, it will be fabulous." Amazing family, friends, and the experiences I was having. Yup, life is fabulous. I was a little nervous going into 2009. After experiencing an entire year of "Fabulous" I feared I was ruined for everyday life.

2009 continued to be "fabulous" (sigh of relief:) but at some point I wanted more. I read the line "WIN" on Fatty's blog. "WIN" pertained to Fatty's wife's fight against cancer. It was clear at the point I read this blog she was going to die, yet she still was "winning." I thought about how much more I could accomplish, experience, and enjoy in life if I looked at challenges in my life as an opportunity to "WIN".

What will the word or phrase to live by in to 2010 be? I was thinking 2010 would be the year to "Slay Dragons." I was pretty darn sure of it. I had a conversation with the "Sprintman" founder and CEO of Smarter triathlete.com. It made me rethink. We were discussing how despite having a positive attitude and the best intentions when you encounter a toxic person or situation it's so very easy to become toxic. The energy exchange naturally is towards the negative end. Unless one makes a conscience effort to pollute and dilute with positive behavior. Light bulb on!!!! Negativity is the dragon and it's my job to slay it. "Sprintman" then went on to share a tip with me, stating someone once told him to envision a wall of roses to shield oneself from negativity. Hmm, I bet that would work. The only problem is I really like the idea of slaying evil dragons. I bet I would be better off if I combined the two, slaying dragons and having a wall of roses. I tried growing roses in my garden but they got eaten by bugs and died. I tried to tend them and the thorns pricked my fingers. I guess I'll have to modify my wall of roses. Do you think wall of pink bikes will do?


MM said...

Have a fabulous new year! I look forward to reading about your slayings.

tim said...

I like your wall of pink bikes. But do you think only THREE of them will do the trick?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Stacy said...

We seem to have a blog critic amongst us?

Here's to another great year of swimbikerun with lots of laughter and fun! Thanks for always being your true self and being such an inspirational friend!

Brian said...

Walls of Roses and Slaying Dragons completely go together. It's because dragons absolutely hate roses. Makes their teeth fall out and their fiery breath turn to perfume.

A wall of pink bikes is a great substitute, as long as you keep riding them with joy and freedom and kindness.

I'm certain you're on your way to another amazing year. Wishing the best to you, Tim, and the rest of your family.

Mer! said...

Awesome post Jen!!! Very well said..and only YOU would have a pink mtn bike...love it!