We Remember

When You Are Old

When you are old and gray and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;
How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;
And bending down beside the glowing bars,
Murmur, a little sadly, how love fled
And paced among the mountains overhead
And hid his face among a crowd of stars.

William Butler Yeats
(memorized for Mrs. Silet's 8th grade class)
Recently we gathered to honor the memory of Tim's Grandma Carol. While I was sad to say good bye I enjoyed hearing the stories of Carol's earlier days. When I met Grandma Grazda she was in the later stages of life. Although she was always pleasant with a twinkle in her eye for Tim, her family had many more stories to share. I'm sorry I didn't know Carol in the days of the swimming pool with the diving board. I'm sorry I wasn't there when she brought root beer to the Carlsbad state beach after hours of surfing. I am happy though to share the memories.

Easter 2008.
Engagement Announced to Grandma and extended family

I learned Carol had a knack for the little things. Gestures that seems like nothing but served to create a lifetime of warm memories. I don't sweat the small stuff (or at least I try not to). I firmly do believe the little things in life create the best memories. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who get the big things right. (Not so nicely said as if you can't get the big stuff right I don't hang out with you). There isn't any made up drama so the little things are fully appreciated. I am really forunate I get to share my life with somebody who appreciates these gestures as I do. It is amazing the memories that are made by giving somebody an iced cold root beer on a hot summers day.
Family also commented on Carol's letter writing. As Carol's children grew up and were no longer living with her she frequently wrote her children letters. 4 page letters, single spaced, double sided. (She probably didn't even have any run on sentances or typos either). Letters her family loved. I was thinking of quitting my blog. I love writing it and remembering the events as I write I seem to always be short on time. My usual thought pattern is such as this
......will do smog test tomorow. Did fold clothes....is there still another load to wash?....forgot maple syrup at the grocery store ...crap another trip to Costco. Out of OJ , renew ACLS next month....will study for CCRN exam...mail thank you cards....from Christmas...got to do better at prioritizing, only 95 miles biked this week, need to swim more, crap it's past my bed time, to bed now....wait coffee for tomorrow, grind beans , brush teeth, bed, lights off....wait double check alarm...sleep.. beep.beep. beep ....time to get up and repeat).
I think of how much those letters meant to Carol's family and how close they made her children feel to her. I think maybe my blog is a bit of a priority. Like most people should run, shorter and more frequently, I should blog, shorter and more frequently. I'll never do that though I am an endurance writer with diarrhea of the fingertips.
Even though my life now seems to fabulous for me to ever forget. I might when I am old and gray. It gives me comfort to think when I am old and gray and full of sleep and nodding by the (fake ) fire , I can take down this book (laptop) and slowly read of the joys I once had.

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Cindy said...

Thank you for the lovely thoughts about Grandma Carol. Blogging is the 21st century equivalent to letter writing. We all love to hear news from loved ones. Keep it up.