Family Challenge

As mentioned before this Sunday is the Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon. To most of the active San Diegans it is an early season fitness barometer of sorts. To the members of Team is the family challenge. Cindy, Bruce, Seth, Val, Tim and I are all doing the race. Despite being very supportive of each other the stakes are high.....bragging rights. Hence the importance of learning that 2 pounds could shave 52 seconds. Although Tim and I fell off the wagon today. I got so excited about crushing my assigned interval on the test sets at swim I made cookies. Ghirradelli chips with pecans. I upheld my plan not to put nuts on the salad or graze on nuts before dinner. Instead I crushed them and baked them in the cookies. (Now that's restraint isn't it).

I think my mother in law Cindy holds the family course record...a 1:29. Unless Bruce has gone faster I am not really sure. The thing is it really doesn't matter what your chip time is in the family challenge. In the family challenge all times will be adjusted. Penalties will be administered for numbers of races participated in, miles logged in training, available time to train, massages, physical therapy sessions, and supplements consumed. In the family challenge it is all considering "doping." New shoes are even "doping" So I propose one more adjustment since it's my only chance to win..... instead of an age graded time there should be a cookie adjusted time....subtracting 1 second/cookie consumed since Thanksgiving. Now that would make things fair.


Cindy said...

Bruce has decided to add another category for adjusting the race outcome: caffeine consumption. He is currently working on the metrics.

NoishFam said...

I would like to formally submit a pre race statement: I have been suffering from IT band syndrome. I have been doing physical therapy; I have also gotten and injection of some sort from my Doctor. Let it be known that I am also racing against my doctor. My symptoms have not subsided. Compounding my situation a lot of cookies have been consumed since Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Sparky said, "Those are the best looking cookies I have ever seen."

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