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Paparazzi have been going wild since the finish of Sundays event. The members of "team Noish" continue to dispute who deserves top honors. Mudslinging continues as new information leaks via Brightroom Photography's photographs and the Carlsbad website review page. We caught up with newest member of "Team Noish" and founder of to see what she had to say for herself.
Spokesperson for idropboys is under attack.

The team in question.

The Times: Jennifer... Tim, Bruce, and Seth all outran you. How do you feel about this?
JN: I am very happy for their performances as well as Cindy and Val's.

The Times: But I thought you liked to drop boys. Aren't you the leader of this organization?
JN: I love to drop boys. I am happy encourage other women to drop boys as well.

The Times: Jennifer, you saw Bruce with less than a mile to go. Did you try to close the gap?
JN: I tried. I was not successfull.

The Times: Bruce reported he and Seth were fading. You were only 7 seconds back from Bruce. For all women couldn't you have dug a little deeper?
JN: I gave it what I had and I was out of gas. I did unlike the guys...manage to negative split

The Times: But they were fading.
JN: Yes, they were fading.

The Times: All that talk. Idrop boys. The stickers. The pink bikes. Are you a charlatan?
JN: No. I have and will always maintain that I draft MEN and I drop BOYS. They can consider themselves lucky or men. Whichever they prefer.

The Times: We heard you ate a lot of gingerbread men over the holidays. Did they factor into your performance?
JN:They are the (now no so) secret rocket fuel of idropboys. I eat (gingerbread) men and I dropboys.

The Times: That's not very scientific. How do you figure?
JN: I PR'd didn't I? I also managed to negative split. THA -ANKS.

The Times: If you could drop those "MEN" how would you execute it
JN: I would pass them with ease just before crossing the line. I have never worn a run skirt running but I would love to make it swish as I passed them. There is alway next year.

The Times: How do you feel about your husbands PR? Were you surprised? We heard he ate even more gingerbread cookies than you.
JN: I was not surprised by his time. He has been running very well. High quality, low volume. As for the cookies. Yes, he easily ate 3-6 times as many cookies as me. They were laced with antioxidants.

The Times: What is next for team Noish?
JN: Next up is Oceanside for Seth, Tim, Bruce and myself. Cindy and Val will bring the team to full strength at Wildflower.

The Times:Will you continue in your attempts to drop boys
JN: Always

The Times: Bruce is the age graded champ. How will you help get the recognition he deserves?


tim said...

Maybe instead of age-grading, they should do "time-grading." For example, you would rate people's performance in a race by time to determine who was fastest. Although if you run the race so slowly that you visibly "age" during it, I suppose you could be the "age-graded champ."

NoishFam said...

that sounds a little too much like one of Einstein's theories.

I don't think enough emphasis was put on surgeries, time spent training, and cookies consumed.

cindy said...

I agree with NoishFam. There definitely was not enough emphasis on the surgery-grading. According to this metric, I believe I won.

tim said...

performing surgeries, or having surgeries performed?

intelligence said...