2009 Carlsbad

2009 Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon

Now for the race report.....

I know you are all dying to know my average pace per mile, average heart rate, the average temp, and average wind speed. What?.... You don't? Darn....well OK. I'll have to deal with that. Alrighty then. On to the family challenge.
I'm sure you want to know the results of the family challenge. It's a tough call on many levels. There needs to be an all encompassing ranking system for individuals, couples, and of course the "Noish" Family vs. the rest of the world. We have a lot of adjusting to do based on age, injury, surgical history, distance driven, number of races entered, having a personal coach, chef, or masseuse. Seth had to go and get sick so we have to adjust for that. What some people will do for a bonus point. Cheez.

"So do you want to go for a bike ride after everybody else goes home?" -Tim to me
After the race it dawned on me it wasn't over. ......now it is a race to recovery. Points for driving back to Nor Cal. Points subtracted for allowing your face to fall on your plate at the French Bakery. Points deducted for making audible incomprehensible and involuntary sounds.
You know who you are.


tim said...

Unfortunately I haven't had any surgeries or recent illnesses. No points added. Fortunately I was able to get up from my chair without assistance or dribbling coffee all over myself. No points deducted.

Cindy said...

Wait a minute . . . There are points DEDUCTED for involuntary and inaudible sounds? The entertainment value for noises like these should be a post race enhancement worth tons of extra grading points.

rn auditor said...

Jen...it is really inapproriate for you to bring patients home from the ICU. Clearly that lady needs tostay in the hospital

intelligence said...