Miss Manners Report on Carlsbad 2009

Miss Manners weighs in

As an athlete it is important to write a race report after the event. One should compose the report as quickly as possible post event. This reduces the opportunity for the brain to rearrange and misconstrue the data. Since Tim and I are married I should view us as a unit. I should evaluate Tim's performance. To be a supportive wife and I must take ownership of his performances. His race is my race. Although Tim ran 13 minutes faster than me I should take credit for his PR performance as well as my own PR.
Evidence indicates I have improved my performance in every race over the past year (except for the disk in the wind episode) and I should focus my race analysis towords the role of race hostess. Miss Manners advises that meals served should be hot, healthy, and homemade. Check, Check, Check. Guests should always be offered a proper dessert....homemade chocolate chip cookies. Check. The proper hostess should anticipate her guests needs and facilitate their comfort.

Did I miss anything?


tim said...

I love your assortment of topical analgesics!

Cindy said...

The selection of race-comfort products was comparable to the finest five star hotels. I would recommend Maison d' Muirlands to any discriminating patrons.

googler said...