What else do we do?

So you have all heard enough stories about training. What else do Tim and I do other than train, eat, and plan our wedding? Friday, May 16, we went to Santa Monica for the evening. Well it was after a 50/5 brick workout. The purpose of our trip was to celebrate Tim's cousin Emily's graduation from USC. We had a lot of fun. The triathletes in us did calculate that we could have ran the last 5 miles of the drive faster. Tim actually offered for me to hop out and run. The killjoy I am declined since I was wearing high heels. Despite not having my pink bike with me I did have something fierce ...pink high heels. A birthday gift from Tim:) Stuck in the traffic jam, we decided we were glad not to live in LA. We started to worry we would be late for the dinner. It turned out though that the rest of Tim's family was stuck in traffic too. We were actually the first to arrive so we decided to go for a stroll along the beach in Santa Monica. I grew up on the beach but let me tell you it was nothing like this. There are basically huge jungle gyms where adults go to play on the beach. I got a kick out of watching this and told Tim I really would have liked this when I was a kid. He kindly offered to hold my purse while I took a turn. He said he was sure I could still do a few flips. Once again I was a killjoy and declined any inversions while wearing a dress. Boy, I'm not real fun in this blog, am I . Anyway, we watched some adult males perform on the rings. It was apparent many of these people had rehearsed this routine many times. I began to wonder about these people. Who were these people? They look like adult children. I began to imagine what their real life consisted of. For example, does this man tell his wife he is stuck at the office while he really is playing on the jungle gym. They seem to take this so seriously even though it is just play. I wondered if this was a parallel to me training for Ironman. Soon Tim's family arrived and we enjoyed a great dinner.

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