More Memorial Day Photos

Typical: Tim and Jen self photo. (2 miles left to run)

Atypical photo shoot. Tim and I clean up.

Tim and I with Matt and Matt. Both are preparing for life changes. Matt in center prepares for married life. Matt far left prepares for two years of medical missions in Niger. Um, that's not a vacation. For more info click


tim said...

Bean in all his gangly glory!

NIGER1.COM said...

Well here as Matt is getting ready to go to Niger
please suggest him this website
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Cindy said...

Dear Miss Manners of I drop boys,
What do I do when I pass an old guy on a bike who actually waves me on, after I give him a cheery 'on your left', only to find that he has attached himself to my back wheel and won't pass or drop? He sucked on my wheel the entire rest of the way home. This seems impolite to me.

Jennifer Yake said...


Let me first apologize for this ungentlemanly behavior. Perhaps his manners fell by the wayside when he got distracted by your beauty. You have a couple of options. One is to slow significantly and move to the right. You can look down your nose and over your shoulder at him. Then give him a dismissing wave to pass you. This communicates that he is not welcome sitting on your wheel and you are not his domestique. Another option is to ride just slightly slower than you normally would. When you get to a climb shift into one gear harder than you normally would spin. (Click, Click, Boom I call it) Sit or stand, whichever you prefer with the added load he will be history. I'm guessing he is slightly paunchy so the strength to size ratio is in your favor.