Weekend in New Hampshire

This weekend Tim and I headed to New Hampshire for Tim's friends Matt and Jen's wedding. This was an exciting weekend because I got to meet Tim's friends and see their old stomping ground Dartmouth. Tim wanted to show me around his old hangouts so when our delicious breakfast finally settled we headed out for our 10 mile run. I think New Hampshire maple syrup is a secret training food. I sure felt like I had some extra spring in my step. Maybe they should market it to triathletes. I have heard lots of stories of things Tim did in undergrad. For example swinging from a rope Tarzan style and letting go flying through the air into the river. I was able to see where Tim spent most of his free time,the boat house. I suspect he may have spent more time kayaking the rivers near bye than studying?????

New England is really pretty. I enjoyed running the rolling hills, the trails along the river, and most of all running on the sidewalk where Tim once rode his unicycle. Yes, even though Tim is a relatively new triathlete he has a secret advantage. He used to ride a unicycle. There are signs up everywhere along the side walks : No Skateboards. No Bicycles. No Rollerblades. There was no mention of a unicycle. Leave to Tim to outsmart the system. I'm sure the Hanover police loved that there was no law forbidding unicycles on the sidewalk. I even got to go running on the trail Tim ran in college. It was especially fun when we discovered via my Garmin that what Tim thought to be 5 miles in college was....well a little short. Tim then grunted he hated the Garmin.

Saturday we were kindly invited to the rehearsal dinner. I had a great time meeting Tim's friends. It was great to see the characters in Tim's stories and from Christmas cards on Tim's fridge come to life. Tim actually sent the address of my blog to his friends when he announced our engagement. Blah, Blah, Blog. They already knew a lot about me. People were actually surprised to see us so dressed up as on the blog site we are usually sporting three layers of salty sweat.

Many of Tim's friends are also medical residents. We had fun exchanging work stories and exchanging Doctor vs. Nurse stories. One of Tim's friend mentioned he couldn't tell I was a nurse by my blog. He asked why I might not include that. I mentioned if I blogged about nursing with the same humor I tell other stories I'd probably get fired :0) I wouldn't want to admit on my blog that I once helped convince an intern that all orders needed to be in by noon. Orders received after noon would be processed the next day. I thought it was a good lesson in organization and time management. Also isn't that what the bank does with deposits. Sometimes I get seated by elderly people on the plane who like to tell me there ailments. Such as the rash that they've had for the last six months. I'm starting to think I should keep things simple and tell them I'm an Internet writer. That wouldn't be lying would it.

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