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Veterans Day

If you've ever seen an episode of "Sex in the City" you know how the story's main character Sarah Jessica Parker, Aka Carrie, has an affinity for expensive shoes. In one episode, she picks up a pair of Minolo Blahniks and wistfully says "Hello Love". That's how I feel about my pink Chris King hubs. They are the equivalent of jewelry from Tiffany's only better because they have function.

I felt especially peppy today. I could use the excuse to say I was out of shape while turning on the hurt. I hadn't been able to ride my bike (minus the measly trainer) for a week. After an am eye appointment I was ready to go. Tim had the day off from the lab due to the Holiday. He had no excuses not to ride. Well, except for the 98 miles he rode the day prior. I was slaving away at work so I couldn't ride with him. (Not really was I slaving away , but once again this is my blog). Tim asked where I wanted to ride and I replied Elfin. Elfin forest is a 54 mile loop with 3300 ft of elevation gain. It's a really pretty ride and leaves from my front door. If you pedal fast you might finish in about 3 hours. Tim groaned at me. "Oh,,,,you don't really want to ride Elfin do you? "I'm going to hurt"

Knowing Tim's legs probably felt like beef jerky put extra spring in my step. It gave me extra pep as we have a little rivalry with mileage, pace, and showing weakness. I was relishing in this moment. Tim was squirming. He stated that if I dropped him today it wouldn't count. Ha, ha, ha...... when a girl drops a boys it always counts. In fact it counts double. ( I make the rules, I'm founder and owner of idropboys.com). The fact that I am "detrained" is not an issue. I'm going to pull as many watts as I can and pretend like I'm not even trying. I'm relishing in this moment. Tim's always riding in the front resting and waiting for me while I grunt and grind. This is for glory or shame. This is my chance. Come on Baby Doll lets roll.


Jennifer is clearly classified as the jealous type. She exhibits jealousy of the 98 miles her humble and loyal boyfriend rode. She palys the "martr" role and refuses to take responsibility for the choice she makes. The choice to work for extra money while her eyes healed from laser surgery while her boyfriend rode his bike. She wants to inflict pain onto others and seeks revenge. Clearly she is to be classified as narcissistic, masochistic. Based on other behaviors she exhibit traces of ADHD.

I'm not really any of those things. I just like dropping boys on my pink bike. It makes for a good story and keeps me fit. Besides that Tim helped create this monster. Dropping boys is how I show my appreciation for what he has taught me in terms of cycling.

Continuing On:

Tim and I start the ride. He's sort of lolly gagging( Sorry Timmy Baby, but this is my blog and I can not tell a lie) His legs are tired. Tim asked me to give him a little sympathy, but I said no. What will he ask for next? I did bribe him with the offer of a pumpkin pie if he could stay within a couple of bikes lengths of me. I explained I was sorry to ride so fast, but I only know how to ride this new bike fast. Besides I got this new Garmin (Hence yesterday's DT shift) It uploads my HR, cadence, distance, and the map of where I rode to my computer. I wouldn't want it loading slow results to my computer. Also, riding is a little like playing poker. I know if I push the pace he may fold before I do.

A few miles up the road we wait at the corner of Camino Del Sur and San Dieguito Road for the light to change. We see two roadies coming from the north on Camino Del Sur. They make a right hand turn onto San Dieguito and pedal off. I see them take a look at my bike as they accelerate around the corner. We get the green light and I see them up ahead. One prerequisite readers must know is everyday a roadie rides it is a race. When you see a guy on a bike with pencil thin arms and quads of steel, matching spandex, and shaved legs he's not simply out for a ride. He's out to drop as many people as he can. We see the two riders ahead riding at a conversation pace, riding side by side and chatting. This means they have dismissed me as a threat. I know I can catch them. Tim asks if I want him to pull me up to them and I nod. We steadily close the gap. I hop in front of Tim and get ready to "Drop The Boys". I pause for a second. My pink Chris King Hub buzzes when I coast. It's similar to when I stepped on the fender of my original Sweet Thunder when Tom was chasing me around the neighborhood. I casually glance over my right shoulder and say "Hello boys" in the drawn out tone "Carrie" used to address the Manolo Blahniks. With a flick of my pony tail I was off and racing away. Down and hill I went as fast as I (safely) could . The gentlemen attack back and pass me down the hill (gravity for you). I pass them back up the next one. One of the two riders passes me again, but the other can't catch up. Tim and I turn right and they go straight. I wave like I'm friendly and wasn't out to make them hurt. I know they are thinking what the.......? They'll probably take their bikes in for a tune up when they get home or start training on there race wheels. They are going to withdraw their donations to Title 9 sports.

Tim and I chuckle very hard about this episode for many miles. We do are climbing on Del Dios . I take advantage of Tim's tired legs buy zipping off on any of the descents and carrying my speed as long as I can. When I get to the uphill I roll with my momentum as hard as I can until it runs out then I look back at Tim and let him catch up. He zips in front of me and pretends he's been appreciating the effects of fire. This area got hit hard during the fire. It's amazing to see charcoal extend right up to somebodies yard and stop on their property line. Talk about being thankful to the fire fighters. They really had their work cut out for them. Tim jumps back in front and I enjoy frequently allowing my Chris King hub to noisily buzz. (When you hear me buzz it means I have to stop pedaling for a few moments in order to not over take you). Tim pretends my Buzz is bothering him, but I know he loves it. It's a good training tool for those I ride with, kind of like a cattle prod.

Aside from bribing Tim with pumpkin Pie. I twisted his arm to do this ride by promising that we can stop for coffee and treat at Pannikin. I even offer to buy coffee. When he get close to Pannikin, I retract my offer and tell him it will be dark soon and there isn't time.


"Clearly Tim is involved in but has agreed to a mentally, physically, and verbally abusive relationship. This Jennifer is clearly a dangerous creature. She is very manipulative. Offering her boyfriend coffee then not following through. Playing it off as if it "what's good for him"

I'm not really "abusive". I am not one of those girls who thinks she knows what is good for her boyfriend. I am the girl who really knows what is good for her boyfriend. If you ask me "he got what he wanted"

Continuing on Again:

Sans Pannikin we stop at Swami's surf spot and refill our water bottles. As we pull back out into the bike lane my next victim rolls by. Tim says lets get him and sprints ahead. I do not sprint. He looks back and asks what is wrong. I respond "Nothing. I'm taking a moment to study my prey". I see his form is not great, but I can tell by my nursing assessment that he will override his level of fitness to outdo a girl. I comfortably and steadily close the gap. I don't allow Tim to pull for me. I want to drop this one on my own. Soon I pass him with ease. I smile and say hello as I whisk by. After all, I'm the ambassador for "I drop boys" . I must be cordial. He doesn't like this and tries to pass me back, but he can't. He gloms on to my back wheel. We stop at a light and he takes off in front. This is bad and stupid bike etiquette. He could have saved himself a drop by letting the faster riders go first. He jumps and with ease I drop him again. So much is tactics. He hangs on to my back wheel until the hill entering Del Mar. I see him on my back wheel , and lets just say it took a HR of 185 but I cleaned my back wheel and he was dismissed. We meet again at the next red light. I'm starting to feel like I stepped on wet toilet paper. The next few miles is always and should always be relatively pedestrian. There are lots of pedestrians and four way stops. A few stop signs later I am dutifully pausing at the stop sign. I can balance on my bike while stopped for 30 seconds. So no Father, I didn't roll the stop sign. Yes, cyclists, get tickets too. Meanwhile, the not such a gentleman cyclist ran the stop sign, jumped in front of me a latched on Tim's rear wheel. Yes you....you on the RED bike, with the upward pointing red aero bars. In addition to having poor etiquette, horrid manners in cutting off a female after drafting her for miles (without permission) then attempting to draft her boyfriend and separate the couple, compromising safety, and BREAKING THE LAW running a stop light......I am about to drop you. I hammer ahead of him and tell Tim my story. We up the pace and ditch him for the final time.

We turn on to Carmel Valley Road and begin the Carmel Valley challenge. This is where you descend the hill and carry your speed as fast as you can, for as long as you can. You can usually beat the traffic. Don't worry MOM , I'm very careful of the traffic here. At the end of Carmel Valley Road there is an uphill and if your legs are fresh you can carry your speed all the way up My momentum was good I was drafting Tim. My legs were a little tired so instead of passing Tim I nonchalantly asked Tim " Is that all you got" He said I give up, I passed him and he got off his bike and pretended he couldn't ride anymore. This made me giggle hysterically but I sternly said I was not going to pollute the environment driving back to pick him up. Then I went on a rant about chivalry and how the man was supposed to pull. Tim started to pedal again and we duked out the bike path. I'll be honest my legs were a bit tired. They however weren't 100 mile legs. I knew it would be a long time before I would be able to have such fun and Tim's expense again. On the final incline of the 56 bike path I upped the pace. I could grind this pace out that's it. I got no more. If Tim responds to this pace with an attack back.... I'm going to eating humble pie. "I give" Tim said. This is when I tell him about cycling being a lot like poker. "Just kidding" he said and sprinted off. Good I respond "you have enough energy to brick". Tim groaned. Complained of abuse, but I told him if he wanted to beat his Dad at Ironman he was going to have to get going.

Off for a 1 mile run we ran. It was quite fast as I'm working on shorter faster runs with better form.What a fine day to introduce my new technique to Tim. After that we enjoyed protein recovery shakes while I made pumpkin pie.

TIM's TAKE: "Well clearly it's abusive, but the pie makes everything alright"

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