Being there with Bells on

November 13

Today Tim and I head out for another ride. Same loop as yesterday but not nearly as excitiing. I am a little more sedate with tired legs. We ride along and occasionally I think "How will I antagonize the boys after my Chris King hub breaks in?" It will no longer buzz. I think I will miss the buzz when it's gone. Ding, Ding, the answer comes to me. A bell. Wouldn't that be fun. Himena Florit, local gal and former Olympic moutain biker is known for this trick. She rides up behind boys. As they huff and puff she prepares to blow their house down. "Ding, Ding" goes her bell and then she passes them with ease. They don't know what's hit them.

Today I bribe Tim with a Pannikin stop because honestly it will be a nice chance to recover. It's a really nice day and warm like summer. Ahh....Novemeber in San Diego. We sip iced coffees in the sunshine. What a life. After that we ride home. The coast is very quiet today as there is no surf and it's a weekday.

When we get home I insist on bricking. We run two miles in 15 minutes. That's fast for me. That's fast for just completeing a 54 mile, 3000 ft elevation gain ride. Partly we run this fast because I am working on my form. I am concentrating on getting rid of the bounce. I read and am told that you just sort of fall forword. It is much faster, but my lungs are sort of in shock. Tim comments my stride is a little too long. I don't really want to hear I have one more thing to worry about. What happened to the days when running was a time to space out. I shorten my stride pickup the pace and I think Tim regrets saying anything because this pace is above comfortable for both of us. I pretend the run is easy:)

It's 2 p.m. and I am exhausted. Tim has to go to work and work all night. But me....all I have to do is blog ;)

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