Timmy Baby

Tim and I both have careers that require us to work more than occasional weekend or holiday. Since I was working this weekend I had to live vicariously through Tim's performance. So I'll blog his story.

Tim is a better swimmer than he admits. He left the water 2ND in line. After T1, he quickly dropped the others. He was out in front. The leader of the pack. Maybe it was the pumpkin pie for dinner. Maybe it was Pumpkin the bike. Something went awry. Nobody passed him. Faster and faster each lap he went. He rolled into T2 and dismounted his bike. It was there he had quite a fright. He was surrounded by others who had been nowhere is sight. They were getting off their bikes and starting the run. Surely they couldn't have all missed a lap. Uh -oh . Poor Timmy baby, maybe he was going too fast, maybe he was having too much fun. More likely he thought 4 laps around Fiesta Island was weak sauce. (Sorry race directors--but it is)Maybe he just couldn't control Pumpkin the TT bike. That bike has a mind of it's own. Oh dear, to his dismay, he went for an extra lap around Fiesta Island. Down but not out he quickly donned his running shoes and picked up the pace. If he wasn't going to win the race he was going to get to the breakfast line as soon as possible. Lucky for Timmy baby....he needn't worry. His girl is more impressed by the extra miles and the good story. Thanks for keeping things......interesting ;)

Love ya.


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tneuschw said...

I deny anything that has been printed regarding this story. tim