Climb Palomar

October 12 th

Description of Palomar according to SD Velo

The climb to the top of Palomar Mountain Road is 12.5 miles if you start in Pauma Valley on State Route 76. The ascent starts on SR 76 just west of Valley Center Road. The climb is made up of two distinct sections. The first section on SR 76 is 5.8 miles and the second section on Palomar Mountain Road is 6.8 miles. Palomar Mountain Road is also known as South Grade Road. There is a flat section of approximately 1/2 mile between the sections.

The climb on Palomar Mountain Road is often compared to Alpe d'Huez. Both have 21or so switchbacks and the mountains are similar in elevation. Palomar has more pine trees at the top, but there are no Alpine glaciers nearby. Alpe d'Huez is a bit longer and much steeper. However for Southern California standards, this is one of the best climbs around. Many locals think this is the hardest climb in Socal

Here's my account:
Today my ride was good despite waking up with a sore and swollen throat. Hmm, maybe I should stay home. The people I'm meeting I don't know well yet. They will think I'm a big flake. Might as well do it I decided. Mainly because I wouldn't ever want anybody to think I wimped out of Palomar. My sinuses usually feel best when I am on the bike anyway. My lungs held up just fine. The ride was fun although I am exhausted now. I am moving like somebody sedated with Ativan. I want to do this ride with Tim soon. I'm going to jimmy his breaks and let the air out of his tires so he thinks I've dropped him. My legs.hips, and low back seemed to be getting tighter and tighter as I climbed. I decided it was time to be refit on my bike. I felt like I am squirming in the saddle to inefficiently create power at the expense of torquing on my muscles.(That's because your sick ...Tim said) I ran for 10 minuted post ride. Julie and Ken dropped me on the way up as I expected but I think by the top I was catching up. Unfortunately for Eric Lavoie, he got dropped by a girl on a pink bike. I learned another option today. When you get to the top you can ride on 5 more miles and go to the observatory. Ken went on but Julie had to turn back due to time constraints so I opted to turn back with her. Also, because I had started descending the five extra miles rapidly rapidly and was getting the chills. I felt OK riding but in general today I feel run down and a little sick. It was very cold. Frosty the snowman toes. Julie and I turned and headed up for the big D. We caught Eric who said he was out of gas and invited him to ride back with us. Eric put this cover over his helmet and honestly you know what I was thinking. Then we started descending. Wee, it was fun. Descending Palomar is one of the best descents ever. It is like tasting fine Tirimisu, there are many layers. Brrrrrrr.......even with my jacket, arm warmers, and toe covers I was way under dressed. Ice cream headache. Ow, ey Doctor. Cold. Cold. Cold. Should have had a helmet cover. From the base of Palomar to Lake Wolford the ride ain't so great. You climb up a long canyon but there is not much shoulder and a fair amount of traffic (casino). It might be fun to climb Palomar from the Lake Heneshaw side. Anyway when we got back I ran w/ Eric for 10 minutes. My IT band hurt at 7. Ken wasn't back yet. I had originally told him I would ride to the observatory, then I turned with Julie because it was cold and I had a cold. I didn't feel like waiting around any longer so I left. Is that bad riding etiquette? I figure he anyone who drops me on a climb can handle themself. He's a big boy.

I might be too tired for swimming tonight. I'm exhausted but at least I have 225 in this week. 2* 10 minute runs and 2 swims. Not bad for rehabbing the IT band and fighting a cold.

October 13th
Working with sniffles.

October 14th
Sick, must be a virus. Couldn't be from over exertion climbing Palomar. Never.

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