Sweet Thunder II

Picked up my new bike Friday afternoon. She's beautiful. If I work one more extra shift, I won't have to take any money out of savings to pay for her. That is a big accomplishment because she wasn't cheap.It might seem a little excessive. However, when you ride 8,000 miles a year it's buys nice or buy twice. I love my road bike, if I could change one thing I would have built her with better quality components because they wear over time. The fit of a time trial bike is crucial and let me tell you there aren't many TT bike designed for people who are 5'3 (with shoes). So I chose a Guru. They are built by some Italian guys in Montreal. No mass produced frame made in China. I went to my friend JT's shop, Moment Cycle Sport. He's an engineer with a pencil thin mustache by trade. He measured me up and sent the measurements in for "Sweet Thunder II" to be built. For $100 extra I got to pick my colors. So of course they were pink and blue. The original Sweet Thunder was pink. Jt's shop is small and "a girl on a pink bike" dropping boys is a good ad. He let me do a lot of things that were sort of a no profit pain in the butt for him. Like custom wheels with pink hubs and pink nipples. Tim found the pink nipples on ebay. Nipples are the piece on the rim where the spoke inserts. Wait a minute. What was Tim doing googling pink nipples? Tim..........? JT thought that I should use blue nipples. He thought there would be too much pink. The customer gets what the customer wants Tim said. JT also worried my the blue on my saddle wouldn't match and suggested I choose white for the scuff guards. I took my chances and chose the pink in blue. The saddle arrived and matched perfectly. Corey, of Moments Cycle Sport, shook his head and deemed my bike as officially ridiculous (in a good way) Anyway, the end product is pure beauty. When I ride fast it creates a pink halo. Nice.

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