idropboys Fiesta Island

It looks so innocent that little pink bike.

Monday, October29

After a few days of hard riding on a new bike I decided to do a short "easy ride on Fiesta Island followed by a 10 minute run. Fiesta Island was it's usual windy self. It's not the most scenic place but there are few cars and it's a good place to practice time trialing. I wasn't planning to time trial today. Apparently the men of the island thought differently. I start my ride. I'm just chilling and listening to some tunes. I loosen up and drop into the aero bars. I have no idea how fast I'm going or what my heart race or cadence is. I still haven't put a spedometer on my new time machine. I'm pedaling along minding my own business when I pass a gentleman. He speeds up and his legs are all over the place as he tries to keep up. His eyes become larger than saucers as he sees a girl on a little pink bike. Holy cow, he says your killing me. Dude, just because your a boy doesn't mean you are inherently faster. "Your not even out of breath" he says. No.... because I do this often and I'm riding at a pace appropriate for my level of fitness. We pass another gentleman and the two boys take turns jumping out in front of me, then dying and latching on to my back wheel. This is slightly annoying as I don't know them. I don't want them crashing in to my rear wheel in a Tour De France style crash. It's also bad form to draft somebody on a time trial bike. Ugh, so much for an easy day. I shift into a harder gear. Bikesnob NYC said everyday you ride is a race. I feel like I'm pulling a few more watts a few moments later I sneak a glance back......there are four men struging to hang on my back. Gentlemen.... your drafting a girl....on a little pink bike! I ride in a fashion that makes my legs burn. At the end of the lap 2 of the men have been dropped. The other two leave the island. One of them thanks me for the fun time. Apperently pink bikes stir up a lot of excitiment. My work is done. I continue this pace until I am on the other side of the island where I sit up and drink from my water bottle. After I finish my ride and my 10 minute run I go to Tim's house and tell him my story. He laughs and imitates me in a high pitched voice" I'm not a time trialist, I don't have the right body type" Let me rephrase "I'm only a time trialist when there are boys to be dropped.

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