Spring Break Staycation 2017

Spring break usually means snow around here unless you travel to some exotic land to lie on a beach. Lots of spring skiing was the plan for the school break but there just wasn't quite enough coverage.

 In truth it was time to start thinking about getting the trails in shape for riding.
Expert trail builders says this is the time to move dirt.
Mom's might day this is mud season. Please don't ask how many loads of laundry we do in a week/day.
 But there are a lot less germs to worry about in the dirt than in places where children congegrate so who cares about a little dirt and mud.
 Just ask Annika which is worse dirt under your fingernails or two failed courses of antibiotics for an ear infection?  These kids say let's just eat and sandwich and a smoothie and get back to work outside.
 Isaac fill it up and return to the sandbox right away!
 Beach toys, snow pants....this is all so confusing. I'm not sure what the appropriate dress or activity is for this time of year.

Meanwhile across the yard one day later...things look like this. Does one attempt to enforce a strict no going in the puddle rule, stipulate only splashing in the puddle with rainboots, or just get out swimsuits and call it the polar bear plunge.
 Always time for a little fun with the "knock up" not knock off American Doll purchased from Target... "My doll's name is Hannah, she is a knock up" is always a great icebreaker when meeting strangers.
 Only dedicated and diehard artist stay committed to sidewalk art when it is 40 degrees
Last long run for Boston prep in the books. 43, windy, and well pretty wonderful.

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