It's that time. I'm looking forward to running Boston.
The number one question a racer is asked is do you feel ready? It's a tough question to answer. I did plenty and there is plenty I did not do. Mostly I feel like my training was just how I live my life with a few tweaks. I feel like the honest answer to the question "Are you ready?" is I am me.  I am just me. I have a certain amount of talent and a certain amount of time to train and within those parameters I will give all I have. I'm told Boston is not a course for personal bests so I won't leave the start at 5K pace chasing one....but  I will let one come to me if it is meant to be. I have hope in my heart  that  the >4% faster I was during long runs this year was not a fluke and that the temperature conversion charts that show how much increased temps slow down race times are correct. Most of all I hope I find "flow". If you don't know what flow is....I suggest you google it. Flow gives you a total sense of peace in your heart, mind, and stride. 
Speaking of peace...As I was packing this card  fell out of nowhere and landed on my race kit. I turned it over to read this quote written in my Mother's hand writing. So true for all and definitely marathon runners.  It's good to remember that you are strong and when you experience something difficult it is an opportunity to become stronger.
I'm not sure what will be left of this card by Monday afternoon because I think it's going in a pocket of my race kit.

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