Boston is a really great city to spend some time in. I've never spent any time in Boston before minus landing about 15 minutes at Logan airport. Most of what I knew about Boston came from 5th grade social studies and a current family favorite book "Make Way For Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey.

 I'm can't read that book without thinking of the duckling Tim rescued on July 4, 2011. We named her Petunia. She lived a happy and spoiled life with many near death experiences until she reached adolescence and refused to come into her cage one night shortly after Annika was born and must have flown away to Mission Bay Park eaten by a ravaging raccoon. "Make Way For Ducklings" has a special place in my heart. Touring the Boston Public Gardens and seeing the ducklings did not disappoint. 

The ducklings were dressed in their best Easter bonnets.

Certainly it didn't disappoint this crowd.

Sunday Easter service in Boston at St. Cecelia's the day before the Boston marathon must have served at least 1,000 people. I wouldn't call my kids country bumpkins. I would call them free rangers of the forest and they were a little shell shocked by the crowds of people. 
It was time for some open space and fresh air.
And a swan boat ride
 A memorable Easter Sunday indeed.

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