Forts, Bikes, and Snowball Fights!

An erratic winter and early spring has allowed from some unique surrounding. For a change the ground in the woods has dried up before  the leaves have blossomed on the tree. Three years of living here and I'm still discovering new things. For example, I never knew our property had a waterfront view. In fact, it does. You just have to hike up high on our hillside and with the leaves off the trees you can see all the way to Lake Superior. I repeat you just have to hike up high on our hillside to see the lake.

 Oh the things you you can think up if only you try.... Fallen trees up high on a hillside make for the best forts.
Leave on your helmet but ditch your bike. It's a hike a bike to this fort. I mentioned we'll be climbing high.
I mentioned we'll be climbing high.
Backyard switchbacks will get you part way there. 
Too bad the videos won't upload properly. Not because I would like to share Isaac's super advanced handling skills...but because the sound effects he makes while riding are top notch!
Every so often we have to be a little more civilized a practice with pedals on pavement. There are a lot of sound effects here as well...sounding like "Mom you are making my bike go all wrong and slow and you just don't let me do it right!"

Her heart is on the scoot bike. The adventure. The freedom. The using your feet as brakes. The going over stumps and jumps. It's pretty hard to beat.
Side walk chalk paint....because the parental ease of sidewalk chalk just isn't enough. Next time I am not bothering top make the sidewalk chalk paint. I am just going to give the kids corn starch, food coloring, water , rubber gloves and let them make there own mess. It's all they really want.

 1 of 3 bee hives survived the winter....which means we have 2 hives of honey to be harvested. Annika is the official honey taste tester and doesn't mind getting sticky. Second Sunday in April and wearing shorts....what bliss!

But don't be fooled. Soon we had thunderstorms, manic winds, hail, and a melancholy cold Monday...but that did not stop Isaac from riding his bike.

 Tuesday was a foot of fresh snow and a day off school for Annika.
 Isaac was told he didn't have a snow bike and couldn't ride.

 He settled for the treadmill because pink was not his color.
 Good thing I re-stained the playhouse Saturday.  Waiting a few days would not have worked well.
 Annika showed Isaac how to how to party it up in the snow.
 He warmed up to the idea of a snowball fight. ...because throwing a ball is his second favorite thing next to riding a bike..
Well that was before his snowmobile ride...I thought maybe after riding a snowmobile he'd loose interest in the bike....
Nope....he just found a way to make it happen.

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