My First Podium

Annika Ruth Neuschwander here with another guest entry and my first race report.

My mom and I headed out the door to Liberty Station for the San Diego classic. We did a different triathlon that the rest of the racers. It was made up of burp, diaper, feed instead of swim, bike, run. It was my mom's first time driving with me and boy did she seem nervous. I wasn't nervous and I was only 7 days old and headed to my first triathlon.

My Dad went really fast. It helped he had a nice joust going with his friend Paul and I think my being there to cheer him on helped. Hopefully, he couldn't see that I was sleeping from inside the Moby Wrap. It was just so warm and snuggly.

We got to the event in time to see my Daddy twice on the bike and several times on the run. It was an Olympic distance which is about a 1/4 of a Full Ironman. I'll be honest I don't know how anybody can do a full Ironman because to be honest I couldn't keep my eyes open for the Olympic distance.

I sure did love my first podium experience. It was the highlight of my day. I had a lot of first this week. Unfortunately later that day my Mom got a high fever and we took our first (and hopefully) last trip to the ER. I was a BIG, BIG help in the ER. They couldn't not bring me because my Mom has to feed me but because I am so small they took us to the ortho room in the back of the ER. (Less germs in the ortho room) and saw us right away. I was really good in the ER. My parents couldn't believe it. I was just glad they were drawing my Mom's blood and not mine. My Mom says if postpartum you have a really, really bad headache and flu like symptoms that you can't attribute to anything else you are probably developing mastitis and get it taken care of right away. She didn't really think that was going to come on so hard and fast. Unlike in triathlon or labor when there is option of an epidural in motherhood there is no SAG wagon and she had to feed me all night long with her fever. She didn't mind though as she loves snuggling with me.

So after some IV antibiotics and a few days of playing around with oral antibiotics since they had a hard time finding one she wasn't resistant to (from spending over the last decade working in ICU with germs and bacteria) She was on the mend. On postpartum Day #11 I heard her say "Waiter, check please! We are moving on".

We headed off to Mission Bay Park for a "walk" . She walked about 3 steps and then we ran. Not fast, and not super gracefully getting used to the stroller  but we did it.I guess the human body bounces back quick.  I love the BOB stroller. It's really fun when my Daddy pushes me. We fly. My Mom is a bit winded and I think leans against the stroller like a geriatric walker but I better not give her a hard time about it as she bore me.

On top of running my Dad is teaching me to do pull ups. Boy are they hard work!

In other news I had my first bath this week. Let the record state: I didn't cry. I am a water baby.

Well it's time for me to eat and sleep some more.

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Cindy said...

My favorite new Annika picture is 'pull-ups.'