Week40: Where's the Beef?

Today is D-day. Where is the baby? Where's the beef? 

It's not that I am so uncomfortable. It's that I am impatient. I mean by the due day one should want to meet their baby right? Hello! It's Christmas morning!  I am not  allowed to open the presents under the tree?  Bah Hum Bug!

The events of yesterday should have moved that baby out. I swam short course, aka flip turned myself silly and voluntarily did a few laps of real butterfly (not one arm). Later I went back to the pool and aqua jogged. No signs of labor. I thought athletes were supposed to have their babies a little early?  Hmph! Of course, I have read that being in the water makes the uterus very "happy and relaxed" and it is often recommended as a way of finding comfort during early labor and false labor. Hmm, maybe too much pool time?  Well, I have to do something to stay sane/fit/and cool.  Maybe my uterus needs to drink a glass of "Liven Up" and squeeze that baby out. 

 Since Wednesday's  5X 200 M test set and  yesterdays real butterfly failed to motivate my uterus yeah I blame the uterus for being lazy not the baby  I went to Costco ( think heat wave: hot car and parking lot). I hauled home and unpacked the loot of course sweating the whole time thinking dehydration can causes preterm labor. No signs of labor. I realize my mistake. Costco is not near unpleasant enough, should have tried Walmart. From the official People of Walmart website....

On second thought. Maybe a post term baby isn't such a big deal. Good thing I have a stack of 4 library books to keep me busy. I'll read some mindless chic -lit that will be good.

Not willing to give up I launched into a cleaning attack.

 I don't clean well or often which is why it is worth blogging about.  For the record I am a member of the "I hate soap scum, dust, and cleaning products." Mostly, I really hate soap scum. I sweat for hours and apparently it did not induce full term labor, just left me with a stuffy nose from cleaning and a head ache.
I hate soap scum!

Just before 4:00 p.m. the power went out. At first I thought it was just my neighborhood and no big deal. Then I learned it was much bigger. The power went out for all of San Diego, to Orange County, parts of Arizona and Mexico. Since signals were out traffic was super jammed up. Tim left his car in the garage at work and ran the 9 miles home from work. Don't you love fitness as a emergency plan? I do. While we were eating dinner on our patio I noticed the  moon looked mostly full  I thought this situation is so strange the baby will come for sure. Nope!

Maybe today! Today would be  good day to give birth seeing as my groceries are stocked up, the house is clean, no city/school pools are open because they called off school last night and energy conservation request for today. Although couldnt you just see me at 40 weeks pregnant scaling the fence to get into the nice cool clean pool water? I don't think being dilated to 2cm and swimming in the ocean would be a great idea in light of the 3.2 million gallon sewage spill caused by the outage.

On the bright side of things according to Baby Center at 40 weeks the baby is now the size of a pumpkin.

Thankfully, they said a small pumpkin.

Tim keeps saying "Our baby is going to cry!!!!"

 I know all babies cry.  I am eternally optimistic and counter "She might not cry that much." Yes, I know all babies cry. Compared to my brothers (who must have been real cry babies ;) I didn't cry that much when I was a baby. I learned to be a whiner over the years. like I'm whining now. Seriously, my mom thought something was wrong with me and brought it up to the Doctor.

Tim also says "Our baby is going to be fat" Well all babies are fat, even if they are preterm, babies are not lean in terms of body composition. I think me not crying had a lot to do with me having lots of fat. Yup, I was a fat full term baby. I was a fatty! Apparently being born in the Midwest had nothing to do with my fatness.

 The good thing about staying in utero for the full 40 weeks is that she'll be a bit fatter, stronger and have a bit larger tummy than say if I gave birth 5 weeks ago. We are not going to talk about how I am going to manage delivering the "growing by the minute" child inside of  me.This all translates to Baby N having fewer reasons to cry. That has to be a good thing. I consistently point this out to Tim , who responds. "She's going to be a porker, Oink Oink, Oink, and she is going to crrrrryyyyy  " If only she would show up to prove execute some girl power and prove him wrong!

Rumor has it Baby N is waiting for the weekend to show up. See I am still a racer at heart and lots of races are going on. Good luck to (in alphabetical order) my San Diego friends  Beth, Lesley, Julie, Nooka and Stacy racing at Half Ironman Worlds this weekend. I think racing a Half Ironman in the hills  and heat outside of Vegas sounds comparable to labor. Of course labor is a bit harder to train for, on the flip side I get an IV, a call bell and drugs if I want them. I know I have them at the call bell. I also have a smack talking special bet with Stacy, that I can deliver my child in less time than she can do the race. I really don't think I can win this one  knowing ball park figure what she will do in a half and ball park figure of first time delivery. However, it's motivation for both of us and what's life without a bit of smack.
Happy weekend.


Cindy said...

Come on, Baby Girl Neuschwander! Your grandpa and grandma are eager to meet you.

SSB said...

Hope there's a baby soon!

bex said...

I feel your pain. My oldest was born over a week after her due date. Silly stubborn kiddos will come when they want... Good luck, I'm sure labor will be a breeze with how fit you are <3