Week 30:Weddings and Celebrations

Last Sunday was my good friend Tina's wedding. She and her husband Matt were married at Balboa Park. It was beautiful, very special, and super fun. Tina's probably the most balanced well rounded person I know. She and her husband did a triathlon that morning. Tina has a doctorate in psychology, a full time job, is active in the triathlon club, plays beach volleyball and......hosts multiple fabulous parites! I think we all feel lucky to be her friend. Congrats to Tina and Matt!

Another highlight of the wedding was getting to see a lot of my friends in one place, dressed up. Denise, Stacy , Jess....just a few of the great girls.

Group shot of the great girls. It blows my mind to think I have known most of them since 2006. Wow how life has changed since our first encounters. Sometimes I get lazy about blogging and think I have nothing worth writing, but pics like this really make me remember how quickly things change and time passes. It sure is fun looking back at the pictures and reading the stories.

The guys cleaned up pretty well too!
Tim, M _Y_K2 the L (other wise known as Michael), Paul and Phil.

Funny thing, when I joined the tri club and started dating Tim those boys swam together. My friend Katie swam in their lane and gave me the low down. She said the one concern about Tim and his crowd (Paul and MyK to the L) was that they were "very serious". 5 years later this statement makes me laugh so hard I sometimes cry. They dish out insults to each other like the cafeteria dishes out hash. They are serious about..... talking smack to each other.  When I ride with them I will ride harder to keep up just so I can hear them razz each other.

One of the boys got in the picture with the girls. We let him hang. You see the good thing about MyK2 the L is that he is always willing to draw attention to himself (good or bad,whatever it takes) to help out a friend. He sort of expeditied the dating process between Tim and I when we first met by hooking us up for a bike ride in a way neither of us had any way out of or anything to loose.

Tim is very, very happy to be photographed in his frogskin sunglasses. They make him happy. I'll admit, with a sigh, they are not so bad after all. I will also admit, my dress looked a helk of a lot better last weekend. Win some , loose some. Burn some pictures I guess you can grow a lot in a week. What do I know anyway? This is my first time in the third trimester. I'm such an amatuer. I'll just pass on my mistakes so nobody else has to make them. If you care, which not everybody does, you might want to photograph yourself before you go out and check that your outfit really does look ok this week. I'm sure I was really busy at the time surfing facebook and reading blogs. I didn't leave myseilf enough time to get ready.Oh dear!

As week 30 approached I was a little worried thinking maybe......

I think during pregnancy one grows and one stretches and sometimes it takes longer to stretch than grow.  Monday's post swim run was a bomb. I couldn't stop feeling like I had to pee, I got bilateral side stitches and my right foot cramped terribly and fell asleep yet still was cramping. Not that this was harm to the baby, it just wasn't working. I took off my shoe for a bit, which was quite a chore as I had to sit on the ground to do so. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Doomily and gloomily I trudged back to campus a bit of an E-ore trying. I tried be a Positive Polly thinking there is the ellyptical at the gym and I could put the handle bars up hihg on a spin bike. Of course, the Negative Nancy in me was arguing "I don't want to go to the gym, it's nice outside" . The next day I felt like I was outgrowing my rib cage and my spine, the space in between the bones felt stretched beyond the limit. The next day it was a bit better.

I have no idea why I would feel that way based on the above picture:) The next day was better so of course I decided to give running another chance. Low and behold it turned out to be spectacular, thanks to Julie shared great conversation as we had an awesome beach run. We ran the beach from the base of Torrey Pines  to Del Mar. If you go early enough in the day there is enough shoreline to run on firm sand. I highly recommend this run to all prego runners, there are no cars once you are on the beach, if you fall it would be in to the sand which is softer than concrete or pavement, it's flat, there are no curbs,  and if you felt over heated there is this blue body of water to your side, and there is good conversation....oh sorry I can't guarantee you of that. You'll have to get your own friends and make your own conversation if you are not already a friend of mine. Anyway with 10K in the bank I couldn't wait for the next day's run.

Awesome! Mission Beach Boardwalk Saturday am. I treated it like a "spa treatment" and stopped a few times at drinking fountains to splash water all over my face, not that I was overheating, cool water just feels luxurious. I logged another infamous cheat mile. Arriving back to my home I had half a glass of mango juice (beats another gel) doused myself in cold water and headed out for the final mile. 1/2 of which is downhill, then I run half mile flat, then I stop the Garmin and walk home. See, I totally turned my run into a spa like ordeal.  Heaven is pictured below!

After that it was celebration time! Wahoo, it is the 4th of July weekend. I was pretty exicted as I didn't have any trouble the past two days running so Monday must have been a growing pain day or a fluke. Also, I am over as in OVER, that darn cold and my energy is back. I also was able to expend a little energy on a victory dance. I accomplished a goal that I was hoping for but had written off  after last weeks cold and Monday's debacle. I logged 30 miles of running to start off week 30 . I also managed three pool swims and 1 ocean swim (but ignored my bike this week) .

Maybe I am the comeback kid . I am actually told to line up the comebacks for the last trimester. It's when people's remarks go from tacky to rude. As far as my minor setbacks, I see the world like this: as Anne of Green Gables once said "Each Day Starts Fresh and Clean With No Mistakes"  and as a great runner/athlete (aka Beth) "Keep Calm and Carry On"

And on that note it's past my bed time and I work tomorrow. No sympathy for me being tired at work if I blow bed time blogging.

Happy 4th of July

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