Week 31: Welcome Petunia

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Sunrise, July 4th Tim was on his way to round on his patients when he stumbled upon nearly ran over a duckling attempting to cross 4 lanes of traffic and an elevated median on Soledad Mtn Road. After observing two other cars nearly smashing the duckling he decided to help duckling out of the road. Tim rescued the duck so I insisted he name her. We don't really know if it is a she or a he. We won't know until her feathers come in. Tim decided she is a girl, and her name is Petunia. As in Petunia Picklebottom, the designer diaper bag line. 

 There was no mama duck to be found and the duckling was maybe a day old at best. A prime target for a cat or coyote (yes, we have those in the city). Duckling showed motivation  to live beyond most of our patients  but would likely not make unless she had some protection. Without much time to think about what we would actually do with the duck Tim brought the duckling home and made her a little nest.

 The next day after my swim and run I headed a bit further north to Del Mar and headed to Mary's Feed Shop and bought duck feed. 25 lbs of duck feed to be exact. Hope the duckling is hungry.

 The next few days I had to work and Petunia had to stay inside in her rubbermaid home all day because if left out a cat or possum (yes we have those too in the city) would surely eat her. I felt bad for Petunia, sitting inside all day as her favorite thing to do is walk in the garden and eat bugs, so I bought her a bird cage. At least she can eat bugs while we are at work. I wanted to get her a bigger cage but they are expensive and she would fit through the slats and escape so that all she gets for now.

 Not sure how Petunia got separated from her Mama but I'm guessing she doesn't make the best choice in regards to safety. On day #1 at Casa Neuschwander, Petunia decided to escape between the slats in the fence bordering our garden. It's a 5 foot drop. Luckily she weighs nothing. Tim used his rock climbing skills for the rescue but thankfully didn't have to reduce any fractures. You can fairly argue our Casa is no life for a duck but then again neither is Soledad Mtn Road.

Tim gives Petunia strict instructions on not escaping through the slats again. What a bird!

When Petunia's flight feathers come in she will be released to Mission Bay Park or Paradise Point where tourists can feed her and she can swim away from predators.


Riley said...

I'd love to 'meat' Petunia.

idropboys said...

Riley Dunkle wants to meet Petunia really...... when can we come by!

Stacy said...

You two are in "training!" First some plants, then a duck, next up a kid!