Week 29: Counting Down

Photo from last weekends ortho graduation and a 28 week old bump. Sorry that the full effect of the bump is diminished by the collision with Tim's blazer. Don't worry, I'll redo the picture for week 29 by re-wearing the dress.

To those thinking of becoming pregnant, I'm share this secret, and you need to write this down. Until about month 5 you won't look that pregnant. I admit, on Easter Sunday, it was a real task finding something to wear that actually looked like it was for Sunday morning service, not left over from Saturday night and serving as the Sunday morning walk of shame outfit. I live in PB, I know how these things work. Your clothes might fit but you will probably feel that you don't look pregnant you just look funny and thick and funky. Stretchy fabrics will not look great. In fact, they'll probably look dumpy. Don't go out and spend all your hard earned money on maternity wear, save it for running shoes, running skirts, shorts and pedicures. You'll be more inclined to run with cute comfortable running clothes and they are practically free in the sizes you can find on clearance at Road Runner. How can you quit with all of those cute running clothes in a size that should not fit post partum. With the occassional pedicure as reward for running, you will likely be less bothered by the fact that you feel like you have to pee while running and things that chafe.  True, everybody is different, but I bet I am not all that different than a lot of other females after all. 

In 2-4 weeks, you will pop out in the middle and lose the "I ate too much spaghetti or drank to much beer belly look" and become obviously pregnant. At this point all things with stretch again will fit, as long as they are long enough. You'll loose some of the garments length up with your width. That being said save a little bit of money for a new bra.  Anyway, clothes that didn't look wearable at week 20 may work at week 30. Who'd have thunk it? Unless you want a new wardrobe, than knock yourself out. You'll  need a few things, but seriously things with stretch, stretch a long way.

Now that it's been a week I'm starting a countdown:

11 months (plus three weeks):
 until Tim actually graduates from Ortho residency and we don't have to sit in the corner for graduation.

11 weeks: until Baby N is due

11 days: I've have this cold (from hell).

Actually it might be 12 now, but I've stopped counting. Which makes me realize that my 5th grade teacher was wrong about the common cold lasting 7 days, and believe me I tried the home remedies. My 4th grade teacher was correct, my biggest test in life would be having enough patience.


tim said...

the pic hides your bump!

Cindy said...

Yikes! Just 11 weeks until the baby arrives. Quilt making must now go into high gear!