Week 28: Skinny Cow

Unfortunately, I'm starting week 28 with a cold. The common cold is no big deal. It's just annoying. I shouldn't complain as I don't get sick much. I'm not a patient patient though.  Especially since I have a self imposed quota of weekly miles I won't be logging like this week. More importantly this stupid virus has interrupted my scheduled therapy/gossip/ catch up sessions otherwise known as bike rides. Annoying to me and my riding partners.

 Despite all the good words for vitamin C, zinc, and fluids, ecchinesa, Netti pots, and what ever else. I confess I believe in what my 5th grade teacher told me, unless I have an important race within 3 days of the cold....then I believe in all of those things.  The common cold takes one week. No matter what you do, it will be around for a week, then it will be no more.

Usually I try to train through a cold but since I have to carry one of my training partners I decided it might be too much and I would focus on treating the symptoms. I'll get back to running as soon as possible. I know, I know I said the chance of a comeback in running while pregnant are slim but I'll just have to give it my best shot. 

 I'm looking at this more like an athlete than a nurse. I'm viewing my throat as a sprain. In addition to Tylenol, which is safe during pregnancy and works wonders, there is the need to ice the injury. If I sprained my ankle I'd ice it, right? So I made it a point to ice my throat. I mean it would be negligent not to. May I recommend a "Skinny Cow's" Fudge-cicle

Only 100 calories in each and they taste delicious. They are actually big and contain no aspartame, which is ill advised during pregnancy based on the whole cancer in rats findings. No high fructose corn syrup, which make rats lazy amongst other things. Making rats lazy is enough to deter me, although sometimes I forget to check a label and accidentally buy something with HF CS. Some of the Skinny Cows other products do have high fructose corn syrup, but the fudgecicle is flawless. Tim even likes them which prevents me from eating the entire box, which prevents me from icing too frequently. Much more effective than the Ricola cough drops I had been using.

Which brings me to the "Skinny Cow". Skinny Cow cracks me up. It's sort of how I view myself . See, I'm realize my middle is quite protuberant yet I don't feel fat. A lot of people have asked how it feels to have a major body change. You might not believe it but, I feel like I'm ....carrying a small child. OK, an infant. Small child is actually an exaggeration, since the baby is only a little over 2 pounds now, but babies have accessories even in the womb, so it's like she's bigger. I just don't spend a lot of time fantasizing about the amniotic sac.

Still, the term Skinny Cow cracks me up. Not sure if that means I have a good self esteem or a good sense of humor. Pregnancy is probably a chance to test both. This week a lady I have seen in passing for years but never exchanged more than a few words said the funniest thing to me. She has a Caribbean type accent. She saw me sitting down and said with her accent "Oh my girl! Are you fat or are you for real? " I cracked up not sure how to answer that question.  I was trying not too laugh to hard. It seemed almost impolite as I indeed was laughing at her. I couldn't help imagining the "what if I wasn't pregnant scenarios." I am assuming the "are you for real" meant are you pregnant. Clearly we see things differently, to me if one just up and gained that much girth it would be for real, where as the girth of pregnancy is temporary or should be. 

I have a big imagination and like to be entertained.This causes pregnancy to suit me. I'm finding pregnancy quite fun. The things people have said, I couldn't make up if I tried. Also, pregnancy is quite fun because it brings out the kindness in people. It's amazing how nice people are to the pregnant lady. I think it's like going back in time. People slow their pace to get a door for you or have a conversation with you when otherwise they would be in too much of a hurry. Total awsomeness indeed.

The other fun part of being pregnant is you can fantasize about what kind of bike your little one might like to ride. Some say she might not want to ride a bike. True, but I believe there is a bike for everyone. Time may prove me wrong but I'm not so sure.


tim said...

those skinny cow ice cream bars are tasty. I can eat like 5 of them.

Cindy said...

Every girl deserves a pink bike. That trike is gorgeous!
Get well soon, Jen!