This Is The Life!

Tim took this picture in an attempt to get back at me for all the embarrassing ones I have posted of him on facebook.

Every family has a classic line they remember. This picture reminds me of when we were camping as kids and my brother Tom exclaimed from the top bunk of the camper "This is the life! A can of soda in one hand and an ice cream bar in the other."

People are always telling me to make sure and take time for myself. It's really sweet of them.Sometimes they even look concerned. It's really sweet, but honestly they should probably put a hand on my shoulder and give it a tight squeeze and say in a stern voice "Honey, have you even thought about what's for dinner and don't you have some laundry to do?" Believe me I do take time for myself and I enjoy life. Honestly what is better that a post run PB&J, while soaking your feet in Epsom salt and surfing the Internet? Total heaven, I tell you.

Not a lot new to report from week 27. Unless you are interested in the story of me scaling a waist high fence by Torrey Pines Golf and Country Club in an emergent search for a rest room. There must have been one hundred eyes on me. Golfers in their pressed polo's and khakis so refined. Quite a sight, pregnant women with run skirt swishing, sprinting past the putting green. I'd say that will be the last time I will eat an entire Powerbar between Masters swim and starting my run but honestly I was hungry and it actually tasted good, so at least now I know where the restroom is.

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beth said...

we may indeed be long lost sisters. i certainly cannot think of any better combo than Pb&J and the internet.

life's simple pleasures....