Switzerland Day #3: Zinal

Day 3. The sun was shining.

Is everybody ready?

I am.
The boys too!

Zinal has somethng for everyone.

Even if you don't ski or snow board, it's no excuse not to enjoy the mountain.

At least enjoy the swing set!

Resorts in the alps are seriously cool and truly enjoyed by all. Most resorts have trams that run to the top instead of chairlifts, making it very accessible. It is very common to see people bring their dogs up to the top of the mountain for a hike. Often you see grandparents taking toddlers up to the mountain top in strollers, simply to enjoy the mountain. For that matter, I have seen elderly Swiss hiking up the mountain. French women have tricks for staying slim, apparently so do the Swiss.

So Cool!

There was not a bit of disappointment in Zinal.

Bruce finds a line just his style.

Zinal was steep and deep!
 It was everything I dreamed. 
A girl could not want more. 
Be still my dancing heart. 

Tim's a shredder.

I'm am off- piste poser. 
The yellow helmet gives me away.

Big Air! Big Air!

Big air in more ways than one.

Finally, we gave in and refueled.

Rather unsuccessfully, I was framed for eating an entire croute.

I wonder what instigator would try to do that? 

Although I probably could have eaten an entire croute.
  11, 500 ft wasn't enough for Tim and I. We felt the need to earn a few turns. 

 Oh my gosh! I am positively giddy with all the fun I'm about to have. 

The snow was post avalanche. It had settled and was a little heavy and crusty. It gave our legs a workout. Quads, they burn at 12, 000 ft, even if it's cold out.We earned our turn, our lunch, and a good nights sleep. 

After that, it was back to the soft, light, and fluffy, stuff.


No groomers required, with fairly fat skis, it's smooth as can be. 

What a day! Who could want more? 
However, tomorrow is another day. 


Bruce said...

We really didn't stop for pictures especially in the fun stuff. So it is amazing your are able to show so many clips. And Jen, where did that croute go anyway? The swingset was classic. Zinal and Grimentz are local family areas. The Swiss are having kids. The kids are on skis when they can walk. No one fusses or whines. And no one falls except for one 10 year old snowboarder who crashed into me, which I can still feel. And no tourists, except for us.

Mer! said...

Amazing trip Jen!! So jealous Tim is able to take this time during residency....we barely fit in Hawaii..so glad you guys are able to go back and more importantly see the dogs :)....awesome!!