Switzerland Day #2 Grimentz

The next day we awoke early in search of fresh powder.

Our desire for fresh tracks outweighed our love for Hotel Du Lac's amazing breakfast.

We left before breakfast. We headed down the mountain into the valley and up another mountain pass. 

The bus ride to the mountain has amazing views. 
Riding the bus gives you great appreciation for the driver. 
The tunnels it passes through are narrow and the canyons below are a long, way. down. 
Tourists should not rent cars and attempt to drive these roads. 
No, I think not.

Once in the village of Grimentz, it is all smiles.

Not that we weren't smiling already.

We were reunited with our old friend. 

His name is Everest. 
You'll never guess what he is named after. 

Big dog. Big mountain. 

He's really soft. 
He love's to be pet. 

Don't tell anybody.
The first time I met him, I was afraid.

He works in the ski shop at the base of the mountain....keeping the floor warm. 

He is most excellent at his job. 

Just like last year, we found fresh tracks.

Pretty much, we had the mountain to ourselves. 

Tim took full advantage and showed his appreciation by throwing a 360.

Without a proper breakfast we were hungry for lunch.
Who says we just went skiing and ignored the cultural aspects?

Displayed is a traditional Swiss lunch on the mountain, in the French speaking region. 

 Basically a thick slice of toast. 
Covered by a melted cheese. 
Maybe topped with an egg or ham. 
Maybe both. 

Dessert : Blueberry Tart

Drink: Rivella
Rivella is a carbonated beverage that does tasted totally different than other soft drinks. 
Apparently it has milk serum in it. Interesting no?
Empty calories yes, but no high fructose corn syrup. 

Of courses after lunch we made some more turns.

I noticed that Grimentz was a little flat. A nice mountain but look at all the tracks running straight. Fresh snow is slow, so a little more pitch would be perfect in my mind. We heard a rumor that Zinal, was much like Grimentz but steeper. The thought of that was music to my ears.

Time to rest up and get ready for another adventure. Zinal tomorrow.

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