Switzerland 2011: The Preview

Somehow Switzerland never disappoints.

We are safely home now, with only one trip casualty. 
That would be a container of Caotina that exploded in my bag. 
If something smells "chocolaty" next time you ski with me, you know why.

Somethings don't change.

The villages are full of life. 

Bruce is prepared for an avalanche and everything else. 

Aqua, the Bernese mountain dog was there to welcome us. 

Total Awesomeness, No?

Full report to come, with blow by blow details to last until the next trip. 


Bruce said...

Ahh yes, the art of the backhaul. Go over empty with plenty of room. Return with many bags of Caotina, Chicco d'Oro coffee, bottles of local Dole and Fendant wine, and of course bars and bars of Lindt which we can't get in the US. Plus enough room for gifts other goodies for my beautiful wife, grandson, sons and daughters in law. All tucked safely away with extra protection from the baggage gorillas. Jen, I will share one of my extra Caotina bags with you and Tim. Avi equipe = yes; laptop, ipad, iphone, ipod = no. My "non-essential" was the luxurious boot blow dryer which you graciously gave me for my birthday. Dry boots and gloves in the morning were wonderful. Thanks.

MissFancyPants said...