And Then There was Vail

For a short while after returning from Switzerland we enjoyed sunny San Diego.

However, San Diego didn't stay sunny. In fact, it snowed. 
Coincidentally, we headed off to the snow again

The chair lift "Born Free". Skiing makes me feel like I was born free. 
Vail is a great place to exercise ones freedom.

Tim was there for business. 
So was I, but the business of getting fresh tracks.

I love Vail. 
Vail is to ski resorts in the U.S. what New York City is to cities.
Just like NYC,  Vail has a heartbeat. The pulse is palpable.  

At 3:30 p.m. I scored some fresh tracks on Outer Mongolia bowl. 

The next day Tim's business was through and it was his turn to play. I showed him where all the good skiing was had the day prior. Unfortunately, me and thousands of others skied up the nice inches of fresh snow the day prior. It was 40 degrees the day before, followed by a day of windy and gray. Can you say " Death Cookies served on a Boiler Plate"

Tim's still smiling because he's happy not to be a work. Also, this is Tim's face for "I've been had once again by my wife who skied under a bluebird sky and got fresh tracks while I worked". Of course, I gave him the standard line I give all residents "You should have gone to nursing school. 

 Between, the two of us we did sniff out the best snow. It was tucked away on "Blue Sky Basin"

Yup, this is good snow.

I like the trees. 

Next time Tim would like to order 1-2 feet of fresh powder, no ice. 

Until then, we'll keep smiling and dreaming of the perfect turn, the perfect tracks and epic powder. 

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