New Years Eve

 New Years Eve was celebrated in style.

Wild Horse Ridgeline

 Due to work and rain I hadn't been on "Fat Tire Flossie" in over 2 weeks. 
It was high time we headed to high and dryer ground for some action.
To Palm Springs it was.

The sky was blue. The air was clear and crisp. 
The cactus thorns were cruel and unforgiving.

 One thorn tried to mess with Paul's tire. 
It was no match for Paul's home brewed tire goop.

Dunn Rd.

 I worked up a sweat during the 3 miles sand slog they call Dunn Rd.
When we were done it was time for some X-mas cookies ...
...........and then the real desert dessert.

A video of me riding the ridgeline.
 Looks like I'm just a speck on the great big Earth.

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Paul said...

That was the best...can't wait to get back out there!