A Man and His Dreams.

 They say only a fool stands between a man and his dreams. Today I was that fool. It started out a lovely Sunday stroll north on the PCH. We decided to combine business with pleasure and stop by Hansen's Surf shop in Encinitas to exchange a Christmas gift. Technically it was a Christmas gift for me that didn't fit quite right. It was sunny out. I was feeling generous and maybe a little guilty for making the exchange. I offered to stay outside and watch the bikes while Tim handled the exchange. I encouraged him to get something cool and sensible. Also, I had never been inside Hansen's which has very cute surfer girl clothes. I figured if I went inside I might start a new bad habit.

I waited outside with the bikes for a very long time. I expected Tim to come out to the door with two hoodies and ask my opinion. He didn't. He appeared with exuberant and slightly flushed with excitement.

 You see Tim found the Oakley Frog skin Iridium sunglasses he had been wanting since age 8. At 8 years old he didn't have much spending power. He saved up his money but could only afford the non iridium lenses. He was fortunate enough to purchase Frog skins with a dalmatian print frame. Like every boy who lost his baseball cards, Tim claims his mother threw them out. I don't know why she would do such a thing. Tim is very proud to announce he pulled out the same wallet he used when he was 8 to purchase the first pair.The wallet is another blog in itself. I made a comment that Tim should be driving a van with tinted windows or an ice cream truck with those shades on, instead of riding a bike. I promptly got dropped after that. Tim said he couldn't help picking up the pace, the superior optical quality propelled him.

Lastly, Tim says they'd go great with a "stache". Oh brother!


tim said...

Oakley Iridium frogskins. I've waited 25 years for them.

Shan said...


Cindy said...

I'm Tim's mom and . . . I have NO memory of throwing out his first pair of frogskins! Just setting the record straight.