Riding on 1/1/11 made me want to scream "I won, I won, I won."

That goes for everybody, not just me. We all won.

It's pretty invigorating breathing in the fresh cool air. 

I'm not sure what will emerge in 2011.

There could be changes in direction and obstacles that lie ahead.

No worries. I learned long ago to always look ahead.

When I come to those bridges I will cross them....

At least with a smile, but hopefully with style and flair.

 I'm going to enjoy every moment of the  ride

Just like the descent time goes passes too fast.


cindy said...

Love the deep philosophic underpinnings of your blog.

TriJackie said...

So when I eventually learn how to mountain bike (which may take a while because I am extremely uncoordinated)...I just want to ride with you for like...5 minutes...lol! Oh well...for now I'll settle for working with you and absorbing your knowledge :)