Tim found this video a while back. It's an amazing combination of talent, strength, skill, and artistry. 

Some may say the star Danny Macaskill is crazy. There will always be haters. I bet it took countless hours to build those skills. I can't help but respect that kind of dedication. He talks about using his bike like a pogo stick. I'm not going to become the next Danny Macaskill. I'll stick to switchbacks and such. 

Santa and our friend "The Weekender" must have saw a little bit of Danny Macaskill inside of Tim and I  brought us a shiny red pogo stick for Christmas. It's really silly fun and believe it or not addicting.

I wasn't very good at first but my skills are steadily improving. I bet I'm just one hop away from better fitness, maybe two hops away from better gluts and abs.

Clearly Bruce, my father in law, has past experience. See what happens when you don't grow up with a Wii. When you grow up you can hop backwards in a circle. 

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