Christmas is coming.

 I love Christmas trees. I tried to surprise Tim by getting the Christmas tree but it was Costco sized. After wrestling it home and onto the porch I bonked. Tim inherited a bit of a project. It's the first time that has ever happened I promise.

Tim was glad to help get the tree up as soon as we did some of this.

That picture is taken from somewhere near/above Bob Hope's house. I don't know much about Bob's house, but on the ride we heard a lot about it. I do know the "Palm Canyon Epic" is a ride that left me feeling like a kid on Christmas.

 I thought maybe Tim upgraded my ride to an automatic transmission for Christmas. The bike began to shift gears before I touched the shifter. It turns out I wore out the middle chain ring. What perfect timing.

For unto the tree a new ornament was born.


Sparky said...

Beautiful tree! Do you want me to send snow?

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idropboys said...

Love the new ornament and great Christmans card. Impressive to get themn ordered and mailed out.

Charisa said...

Merry Christmas!! Hope it is great :)