Sunday I rode the San Juan trail behind  with Tim and Paul. It was raining but we rode anyway. In life there are no rain checks, just missed opportunities.I love the San Juan trail. I feel like my mountain biking has come a long way this year. Nothing to something is a long way, even if there is still a long way to go. Note, I'm still wearing the padded shorts and elbows. (Fat) Flossie got sick of me calling her fat and tossed me twice last week. I  tried to complain to Tim about Flossies manhandling me. It was of no use. He calmly said Flossie lodged the same complaints about me every time I dump her in the dirt. I whined Flossie could knock my teeth out. Speaking of teeth, Tim mentioned he had just finished bending all of the teeth on Flossie's big chain ring back into place. Apparently, shifting under pressure is not such a good idea. I reminded Tim that Flossie threw me into the bushes and I got scratched up. Tim asked how I thought Flossie felt about all her scratches? Hers will never heal. I made an attempt to make it up to Flossie. I got out a black Sharpie and colored in the scratches on her rear shock, then I gave Flossie a good bath. She should be happy with me now. It's about all I can offer at this point. A better rider could treat poor Fat Flossie better but I am the level that I am.

Something is a long way from nothing.

In case the spa treatment wasn't enough I'm going to take Flossie to Maui. She'll be happy about that racing is what she was made for. 
Tim says it's my "A" race. Knowing Tim, he means "A" as in adventure. I can honestly say the preparation has felt more like adventure than training. I think I trained, adventure being the byproduct. I might have that backwards. Either way, it won't matter when I am old and gray.

I hear it's a great race to not be a rookie. Cheers to the high speed read as there is no pre riding the course.


beth said...

i am so excited for you! The race is magical and you will have a blast. Get ready for the ride of your life. I haven't seen the bike course, but have only heard it is very very tough. I did do the run... and well...supert tough too.
you've got your work cut out for you, but I see great things!
Have a blast in Maui! don't forget a costume for the halloween party the night after the race.

GoBigGreen said...

Maui! Awesome:)