One Bike and One Bag

Tomorrow I leave for Hawaii with one bike and one bag. Seven years ago I went to Hawaii to work and to live and with me I brought only one bike and one bag. I had never been to Hawaii and really fought to find an assignment there. The hospital I found with an opening was in a town called Ewa Beach. I couldn't find much information on it. It was about 15 miles leeward of Honolulu. I imagined it was well kept locals secret and couldn't wait to see that beach. I was informed by my agency that I wouldn't need a car because the public transit was amazing. The bus actually went on strike about the time I arrived but I wasn't worried I had my bike. I remember arriving sort jet lagged and tired but I assembled by bike anyway. I needed to do  essential things, like see that beach I had been dreaming about, oh and buy things like toilet paper. I'm not sure what my face looked liked when I arrived at the beach park and saw warning signs that you shouldn't swim because of Pearl Harbor. There was nobody there except two men siphoning gas out of a car that had no doors left was jacked up on blocks. I pedaled away from there pretty quickly. I thought it was no problem. I'll would just ride into Waikiki. It was only 15 miles. The next town over was Waipahu. To say the least it wasn't a good place for biking and I realized I couldn't get to Waikiki this way. I was stuck in Ewa Beach. No internet, no cable, no car, no, bus, no AC and no island breeze in Ewa. I had come so far to be just shy of paradise. As most of my colleagues, I came with expectations the experience didn't match.

Thankfully I met another travel nurse. She was new too and like me new not a soul. Instead of a bike, she had a rental car. It even had AC. Her last assignment was in LA not Marquette, MI. Negotiating traffic was no stress to her. We explored everywhere and I had a nice mix of island paradise mixed with reality.

I'm looking forward to returning to Hawaii. This time I return with no expectations. I know the race will be difficult but this time in Hawaii I have Tim and a rental car.  What more could I need?

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SSB said...

Oh man, that sucks. I remember the bus strike. We ride from Ewa through Waipahu all the time, back to town/Waikiki Just never alone. There's a bike path that is awful! We call it 'cambodia'.

Good luck this weekend. I might hop over to cheer for some friends so I'll look for you.