Halloween Race

Despite not wearing a cool costume I was rewarded for my efforts yesterday. My legs really didn't want to go as I tired them out but good last Saturday. I made them toe the line and went home with hardware. 

I didn't quite win. I was second place. Actually I prefer you all refer to me as the 1st runner up not first looser. The gal who won first place deserved it, she dressed as Bon Jovi. I would celebrate by making pumpkin pie. After carrying around the pumpkin for a while I realized it was slowing me down. The season is not over yet for me so I think a scoop of super greens mixed into my electrolyte solution and a few hours of toddling around on the bike will serve me better.

As far as that other race. The race on that other island. I couldn't have been more excited for those I was following. I think their dreams just might have come true. All I can say is "Wow."

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